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Mono Kai, Goleta, CA (apartments)

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Name:Mono Kai
Street:6632 Abrego Road

A Hawaiian themed apartment building in Isla Vista, the college neighborhood adjacent to the UCSB campus. Note the 4 A-frames in the facade of the structure. Inside, however, the complex is quite unremarkable, as there are no tikis, bamboo, or anything Polynesian to be found.

[ Edited by: Trader_Rick 2005-09-05 05:20 ]

Yesterday, I had the intention of documenting everything tiki in my neck of the woods. I headed first to the Laundry Lounge, a tiki themed laundry-mat in Isla Vista. I was horrified to learn that it had become Regal Laundry, a non-de-script laundry-mat. Fortunately, the Mono Kai apartments were still there.
There is quite a bit of Tiki in the Santa Barbara area if you just know where to look. I will continue to keep everyone posted if they are interested.

Fantastic exterior, though. I really like how they put the lettering for the name over a background of pecky cypress. It gives the whole building a "beach tiki" feel. I'm all for posting any exteriors we can find - even if the tikis inside are long gone. Good work, Rick. I personally would love to see anything else you can find in Santa Barbara.


Trader Rick,

Do you know if this place still exists?

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