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JUMBOKU-he's back!--new pix 11-04 p.15

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Beautiful start Howland. I am sure you will not disappoint anyone with
this, at least based on what you have posted in the past.


Agree with everyone, How can you start something This AWESOME and not just blow everyone away. This is a BIG log and you're right about bigger chisels being needed but be careful not to take off too large of chunks you may need. I have no doubt you have this well under control. I'm gonna Really enjoy watching this guy et un wrapped. Excellent job so far from what I can see.


On 2008-06-10 21:46, Howland wrote:
the CompuCarve.

I got one of these over a year ago - and honestly I haven't got much use out of it. I've done a few projects - but shortly after buying it I was bitten by the tiki bug. I spend most of my workday staring at a computer screen and can never seem to drag myself back to the computer to create a good pattern in designer. Your work is great! If you are feeling generous - I'd love to get a copy of those pattern files and give them a try.

Yeah! This beast looks GREAT so far. I don't see any blemishes! I LIKE the look of the chisel marks, and then some parts, like the nose nice and smooth and prominent. Cool.

great start!
now finish it so we can OOH and AAH at it!
a perfect addition to your Junglaroo Room!


Thanks, seeks. If my carve comes out half as good as yours do, I'll still be happy.

Thanks, Lake--Southern hospitality? Just comes natural! Good to have you and Jenni over to the Jungalero Lounge. Enjoyed talkin' shop, etc. Glad you guys enjoyed your trip--that's alotta driving! Looking forward to your future creations.

Hey Ben, yeah the fan was supposed to take away some of the dust but it just blew back in the garage door--need a bigger fan!--or 2

Mucho thanxo, Conga!

Thanx, Benz. I did have to go drop 50 on a bigger chisel but it has been worth it so far. Well under control, you say? Control comes and goes-sometimes the log has control over me--it's a constant battle for control. BTW, it was a pleasure to meet you in person @ Hukilau.

Hey 20two, welcome to TC. I'm not using the CompCarve as much as I need to be, to make it pay for itself. But I figured since I do graphic design for a living and wood carving as a hobby, it would be the perfect marriage. BUT, like you said, when I'm done with my graphics work the last thing I want to do is sit back down at the computer again and struggle with new graphics software. I'll PM you about pattern file sharing.

Thanx, SurfinT. Some of the blemishes I speak of are holes made by some kind of wood boring beetle. You can see in the pic below, a hole just to the left under his nose and it comes out in the roof of the mouth-sux--gotta get those buggas outta there! Not to mention the gouge on the left nostril from a chisel gone wild. I'm diggin' the chisel marks too-a first for me. I usually spend hours trying to sand them out but I think they add to the design. I hear you made an appearance @ Hukilau also. I didn't see you cause I didn't know what you look like! Most of the people I met was because I'd seen their pix on TC--show your face!

LLT-thanx, man-now there's a face that's not hard to remember :) Had a blast hangin' w/ you and your wifey Terrill (tell her Alicia and I say "HI!"), the Squidster and all those other left coasters, you guys know how to a have a a BIG time!

No update for today-got a busy weekend with friends down here @ the beach so I probably wont get much done till Sun or Mon--just wanted to send out Mahalos to the peeps! have a good one, YA'LL!



Any update?


Thanx for checkin' in, Ben. Have had a busy last week with friends/family down for the holiday weekend (the entire past week, actually). I managed to make a little progress over the last couple of days. I've been dreading the heat and humidity so I only work on it for a couple of hours each day so it's slow going for me.

Did a little dental work-also some linework around the mouth and some head/face shaping:

Gotta long way to go-

Man I love 'em! He's gonna be so detailed I can tell. I hear ya on the heat. Just take it sloooooow. NAH, skip that...Hurry up!!!! he he


Excellent Stuff Again Howland. Yeah for a big guy like this a few big gouges help speed it up. I Loe your chisel marks too but partly because they are organized and follow the contours and are not just Haphazardly thrown about. THOSE Are the ones you don't have to sand away I say WOW Look how much you've Done ALREADY, and you are leaving it clean when you move on to the next area. A Couple hours a day is enough don't try to push it. lookin Great!
That Surfin guy, Ole whatz his name Dave, I found a picture of him swimming with a mermaid but I think he paid her to swim with him, I Think he's the one on the right. Now he may look Totally different when you see him because No one looks the same when they are swimming with the mermaids, they change But anyway here it is:

Oh yeah you could recognize him After the swim because HE Says he tried to grab a giant bottle of Appletons through the glass and broke his hand but II Think he was trying to feel the mermaid's TAIL and she broke his hand and sent him Home!..:) :lol: :lol:

Brad, that's looking great so far! Some great fine detail work going on, but you're setting yourself up for a long haul here. :wink:

It'll look epic though when its done!

Can't wait to see what comes out of the rest of that log!

I didn't think you had any humidity left yesterday, thought you sent it all up here! The air was dripping wet and I stayed in the air conditioning most of the day.
Canada is sending us some nice dry, cool weather though on Wednesday via a cold front. You get to keep your high dewpoints again. :wink:

Are you guys expecting any swell from the now dying Bertha? Wish I could grab some of that if you do get any!

its looking AMAZING howland, stoaked to see how it looks in the end!


Still looking fantastic, Howland, really.
The way you finish your sessions by cleaning the piece is cool too.

Good luck,



Thanx, SurfinT--I'm hurrying! As slow as I can! :wink:

Benz-I did pick up one big gouge and it's helped tremendously. Any part of this that looks organized or doesn't look haphazardly thrown about, I'll chalk up to luck :wink:

Funny pic and funny story about the appletons through the window--except the broken hand part. :( I do recognize him now though.

Lake Surfer =Dave / Surfintiki=Dave: Daves of the Waves! :P

Thanx Lake Dave. In it for the long haul for sure, I'll try to pick up the pace here in the next few days. I should be acclimated to the humidity by now since I've lived in the steamy south all my life. Nobody ever gets 'used' to it-just have occasional periods of tolerance with it.

We've been maintaining anywhere from waist to chest high, occasional shoulder high here since last Fri. Semi-glass, a little choppy in the afternoons--pretty fun stuff but I can't credit Bertha with it.

Thanx TikiThomas. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product as well! :)

Thanx, Benj. I usually rush through a carving and worry about any details or cleaning up after I'm done with the major carving part. Just going for a different approach this time.

Oh I see! Tease the bald guy day! Thanks Benz...you are classic. Yes my hand still hurts, no carvin' today!

Brad, your surf sounds bigger than what we've been having, waist high max here. Maybe I should move down by you! And get you back on a short board! I'm the same age, and just ordered another short board! Funny, I'm a graphic designer too. Tooooo much in common.

Pray for Bertha swell! I guess that doesn't affect Dave (Lake) too much, huh!!! :wink:


On 2008-07-08 12:42, Howland wrote:

Gotta long way to go-

But, you've also come a long way. It shows confidence that you carved such detail into the face and head, but haven't even roughed in the rest.

Fallen down to page 2... time to bump this thread up!

What's going on down there in Low-Country Brad?

What's the status of the big guy?

Too hot outside?

Surf's up?



Thanx for the bump, Dave. All of the above--too hot--some good waves (which should be picking up here in the next day or 2 courtesy of Fay), not to mention being too busy getting all my graphics work done for International Surf Expo in Orlando next month--gotta keep the boss (and the tourists) happy. I have made a little progress since last update, I'll see if I can find the pics.

Batten down the hatches Brad, for Hanna's a comin'!

I imagine you've been out in the surf lately, sure has been a good surf season for ya so far.

Hope she sends you some swell, and that's all!

Best of luck, hope the worst of it steers clear of you!


Thanx for checking, Dave. Nothing but nasty, bumpy stuff so far from Hannah. Supposed to get pretty nasty tonight. Hurricane party @ The Jungalero! Surf should clean up once Hannah moves NE from us.

....and I will finish this jumbo tiki before....the end of the year :)

A foot over head with an offshore wind!! Went out this morning and will be returning after checking in with work. Good Luck - all we got was ALOT of rain overnight.

GMAN posted on Fri, Sep 5, 2008 8:16 AM


The Florida carvers have a little present for ya! Get your swimmies on!



Niiiice, AS. We've got a case of the slop-n-chop for now. Maybe tomorrow will be our day.

Thanks, G. Just don't send us Ike! Hope he stays away from you guys too.


Almost 2 months since last post on this sucka! Just been busy with job stuff and such. Not a reeeeal big update but I have gotten back on this project now for a few days to come....I'll see what I can get done.

Stood him up for the first time today and I can get a better view of my discrepancies in symmetry. I think his arm is too long for starters, and there are a few tweakages that need to take place in the eyes and mouth, a little rounding off of the head, make him look less 'squared', amongst other things, while I'm nit-picking. (it's got bug holes in it too). All-in-all, I'm so far happy with it.

Holy stuff!--I'm watching the the final outcome of the election as I type this--- :D



WHO IS that Wild Man. This guy is looking better and better every 3 months! :lol :D :P


Slow down Howland, you're gonna hurt yourself going so fast. Beautiful
carving! I Can't wait to see it finished in a few years :)

Very nice Brad.

Its about time. :wink:

All surfed out from all those hurricane and low pressure systems tearing up the SE this year?

Looks like you have all been scoring big time this year.

That's a hell of a log folks. I saw it with my own eyes back in June. Made me tired just looking at it.

You've made some great progress on it.


You guys are cracking me up--much like this log has been cracking up from sitting in the garage near the dehumidifier for months now. I've only worked on it for about a week--or a few hours every other day or so for the past week now.

Yes LakeD--probably some decent surf has taken some time away from potential carve time, but you gotta keep you priorities straight, you know. :)

Did bust up a left rotator cuff (AGAIN) paddling out-or in-who knows when it happened but I've been surfing (or at least paddling with like an arm and a half for a month now). Still got good surf this week too--

Be back with another update in a few months...:wink: (hopefully sooner--I'm ready to move on to the next project!)


Take yer time, it's lookin great.
I Suggest you move him AWAY from the dehumid box and drape a damp towel over him or he will crack more.

Great carve, Time spent does not really matter as long as you get results like this.

Great Carve! Keep going..


Hell Yes looking great!


WOW dude, I love your hat that is pretty cool.

About the tiki ? He is simply amazing, perfectly balanced and all, and all... A HUGE masterpiece to come. Thanks for sharing.


He is just JAMMIN! It's gonna be a classic. He's a beast too.
Take your time, make him so you never look at it down the road, and say, gee I wish I did this, or that.

Very nice Howland, can't wait to see how you do the body.

GMAN posted on Wed, May 20, 2009 7:47 PM

And where is Brad and the Jumboku? Sorry I missed you when I was up in Charleston, man. I couldn't believe the amount of talent crawling around there at night. Yikes! I could get in trouble there fast!


Holy Kowloon! I haven't logged in since 2008..HA! Sometime around 08 I deleted my email account I used for registering my Tikiroom account. I also forgot my password to log in here and figured since I no longer had that email account, my chances of logging back in were slim to none. Just now, on a whim, I went to the login page and entered what I though might be my old password and boom...here I am.

Jumboku. Sadly, once the local Woodcraft store closed and I had no easy access to carving supplies and I had used up my chisel sanding 'kit' that was gifted to me via Swanky, I stopped carving the big guy. Pretty much stopped carving altogether. So here he is, sitting in the corner of my shop, untouched since 2008. I've moved to 3 different cities since and have been dragging this guy with me every move! Maybe it's time to get back on the job here. Cheers. IMG_3828IMG_3829.

[ Edited by Howland on 2022-06-03 07:02:15 ]

Would be great to see updates again. Welcome back! :-)

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