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The show me your Witco thread.

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A recent find from the wild , The Tribe, Witco catalog # W-165. This is a large one measuring at 46 inches wide and 26 inches tall

closettiki - that piece is amazingly rare. Never have seen one outside of Hala Kahiki. I believe it was one of their later pieces, so probably not many made. Congrats!


Saw this in the local craigslist.....somebody made a table outta 'im!


He's only 75 bucks.....dunno how much effort it'd take to get the paint off of 'im though.


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ClosetTiki- awesome, one of my favorite pieces
Looks awesome at Hala kahiki

HowlinO- did the paint come off?

My first Witco!

Not sure of the catalog name for this piece?
Found him at an estate sale.

Nice! I believe he is called Tailu

Good 1


Okay this one's driving me crazy, currently on eBay at a fairly high price. I know there's some variations in the mandolins and guitars but is this a variation - or just a broken one? I"m wondering if at some point part of the bottom just broke off and someone sort of refurbished it. Looks like the paints been redone as well. Does this seem off? I did send a note to the seller.

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Mine has the second cut out on the bottom
Maybe it broke when it was made
Or somewhere along the way
Still kool

Paint looks right


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Almost had one today
Seller backed out at the last minute

100000 (1)100000 (2)

Is this a Witco frame?

Welcome back Wendy!

I found a room full almost a year ago! 😱 ![](Uploading 8F7B253E-00BB-45FC-ABA7-27E911019758.jpeg…)

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Soon to go into a basement build


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Saw this in the local craigslist.....somebody made a table outta 'im!

Witco made these for a short time. We had an (unpainted) one.


mike and marie

These were made for the Ficks Reed Kona Kai rattan furniture set

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 4.06.20 PM

Ficks Reed Kona Kai

tikicoma, that's incredible! We never heard of a company taking Witco and repurposing it, or modding it and reselling it. Wondering what was going on here. Ficks Reed is pretty collectible as it is. Interesting that it's marketed for the "Florida lifestyle." There was a Kona Kai resort in Key Largo, but we haven't detected any connection.

But we did find one set for sale, $12,500:


"An extremely rare Witco for Ficks Reed Tiki dining table and set of five rolling chairs. This is a Polynesian inspired dining set (or game/bar table) that was part of the Kona Kai line.

"Dining table measures 29.5" high, 48" wide and 48" deep with a knee clearance of 28". Dining chairs measure 34.75" high, 25" wide, 22" deep with an arm height of 22", seat height of 17", seat width of 21.25

"Ficks Reed was founded by Louis Ficks in 1885 as the National Carriage and Reed Company, a New York purveyor of wicker baby carriages. By the turn of the century, however, the company had moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and, under the auspices of Ficks Reed, began manufacturing furniture with wicker, rattan and bamboo."


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rupe33 posted on Tue, May 3, 2022 5:45 PM

When you're moving but don't trust your treasures to anyone else... Witco moving day

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Not a show me your Witco reply but I'm looking for a Fountain, I know there are a few variations so just want to know if anyone is willing to part with one and want to know rough current value on these Thanks


Picked up these Melanesian man and woman Witco's last year...


Oh yeah this also...

Polynesia Restaurant Witco

From the Polynesia Restaurant that was at pier 51 on Seattles waterfront...

polynesia photo (on the right side)

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Need to find out if this is authentic or how I can find out if it’s authentic. I live in north Florida. I know it’s old.


A lucky find for us on marketplace.


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