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A great surprise today at one of our local charity shops. Jul met Yngve Stoor on Lani records 1971 Sweden. Great guitars and amazing Hawaiian songs with Scandinavian accent. Nice insert and a really catchy cover. All and all a sweet deal for 1 euro.

FranNL posted on Wed, Mar 4, 2020 5:20 AM

Some of my last charity shop finds:

After diggin' in crates and crates of bad Dutch music in a nasty charity shop in a small village in Zeeland I found this neat copy of Tabou Les sons exotiques d'Arthur Lyman vol.2 on Barclay records with an alternative cover art:

The Kalua's Hawaiian Hits LP on Dureco records:

On the latin side of exotica i grabbed this Latino! by Tino Esteves and The Americanos LP on Society records UK (1965):

On the Indonesia side I found this great 7" from Krontjong Ensemble Pantja Warna with a fantastic art cover on CID records I guess 1957:

Krontjongorkest Suara bintang baru Lp on Sunderland records a low budget Dutch record company:

Rudi van Dalm, Gordel van Smargd LP on another low budget Dutch company like Negram.

Latest finds

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Latest intentional addition: The Invitations R.S.V.P (Liberty, 1959)

Fell in love with their sound by happenstance when looking up various covers of Nani Waimea, which they absolutely blow out of the water! (Helped handily by the arrangements and orchestra of Russ Garcia) It's in near perfect condition. The only thing that could be better is if it were the stereo release!


Listen Here


Thanks for the link! Nice stuff indeed, these guys really nail those Four Freshman harmonies.

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