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Haha. I've been thinking about watching this movie again recently (I'm a Fibber McGee and Molly fan) but don't recall this scene.

I don't remember the context, but a memorable phrase from Charlie--"a gownless evening strap"--drew big laughs.

This had some laughs, especially Rusty's other big line, "Lord, what fools we morons be," but I preferred Bergen/McCarthy matched up with W.C. Fields at the circus in "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man." Going into this, my only previous exposure to Fibber and Molly was the expression, "Fibber McGee's Closet," which my mom used frequently to describe my messy bedroom.

Also, Charlie is really a creepy little sex pest in this, especially the scene where he keeps trying to snuggle in-between Lucille Ball's boobs.

"The Hurricane" you mention is well worth a look if only for the incredible staging of the hurricane. Long before any CGI, I am truly surprised none of the actors was drowned during what has to be the most spectacular sound-stage creation with thousands of gallons of water being pouring down on them. Truly amazing work.


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I could be wrong, but this sure looks alot like a hei tiki around the Cleaver's maid's neck in the 1st episode of Leave It To Beaver.

hei tiki


I'm a "newbie" to this site and this has become a VERY long thread so apologies if this movie has been mentioned before (which I'm sure it probably has) but "Crime Against Joe" (1956) has some scenes near the beginning supposedly shot in a Tiki bar called "The Pago Pago". Correctly pronounced with an "n" before the "d" too. The movie is not really worth watching all the way through. The story is more than a little far-fetched, involving somnambulism, which must come in a close second only to amnesia as a bad plot device. It does however feature the very talented singer Julie London in the cast.

Nice find. It's definitely new to me and I've been keeping track of this thread for years. The Pago Pago was also featured in "A Kiss Before Dying" (1956) in Technicolor.

Here are a couple of crappy YouTube screencaps from "Crime Against Joe". Not a lot of detail, I'm afraid, and no tropical cocktails in evidence, but a couple of nice shots of the entrance with painted Tiki-ish masks:

Screen Shot 11-23-22 at 07.06 AM Screen Shot 11-23-22 at 07.07 AM Screen Shot 11-23-22 at 07.08 AM Screen Shot 11-23-22 at 07.08 AM 001 Screen Shot 11-23-22 at 07.09 AM

And forgive the shameless self-promotion, but I track all of the Tiki-adjacent films that've appeared here (and elsewhere) in a handy list format on Letterboxd:


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Oops. Guess I should've done a search before commenting, since it appears that "Crime Against Joe" has been mentioned at least once before in this thread and a couple of times in others. None of these mentions had screencaps though, so I've at least managed to contribute something worthwhile to the discussion.

Apologies again for the repeat. I kind of knew it must have already been mentioned here. The bamboo and matting work at the bar is impressive, even if the tikis themselves are a little dubious. Is it by any chance the real bar used as the background or just a set? Thanks for the screencaps!

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They were posted almost 15 years ago, so pretty easy to miss. And it was definitely new to me.

I also missed this post with much better screencaps than mine:


Here's another post with screencaps from "A Kiss Before Dying". The exterior is exactly the same as "Crime Against Joe", but the interior shots look entirely different, probably because they were filmed in the dining room instead of the bar.


I could be wrong, but I think the bar in "Crime Against Joe" is much too elaborate to be a set, but apart from the bamboo, it looks more like a beer joint than a Tiki bar.

Thanks for "mining the archives" MrBaliHai ! Much appreciated. Pago Pago is a bit like Nadi in Fiji. In many of the Polynesian languages there is an unwritten nasal "n" sounded before the letters "g" and "d ". There are some very long and convoluted theories for the reasons for this on the internet. Some of them highly dubious involving missionaries running out of letters when printing!

That's fascinating and pretty bizarre. Knowing those downfallen missionaries, they were probably drunk on Dr. Funk's while transcribing the native tongue.


TIKIGIKI and MrBaliHai this appears to be the Tucson Pago Pago that was designed and constructed by Clif and Lou Sawyer... the bamboo work around the bar is a dead giveaway of their style. Here's a picture that Dustycajun posted of the place. Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 3.31.41 PM

And one from a postcard... Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 3.29.39 PM

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So it seems that the actual place itself was used as the location? Or at least the outside of it anyway! Nice to have it immortalised in film.

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