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giant swizzle sticks project - creature's cove finished !! last pg.

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okay kids !! I got 2 new swizzle commissions coming up !!

Tiki central's own queen kahmehameha with the Mojave Oasis swizzle followed immediately by VampiressRN with the VampTiki Lounge swizzle !!

Both are gonna be fun projects, so keep it tuned in right here to see the results as they progress !!


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Here we go- off to a good start...... got the head of the swizzle done for mojave oasis.....

Okay- been awhile since i posted here but here goes.......

Just finished up the giant swizzle for Mojave Oasis !! Here's pics below...... all the letters and tiki were all cut by hand. I do not have the luxury of using a CNC or laser cutter for these unlike some carvers.

Thanks for looking !!

Next on the chopping block is a giant swizzle for our very own VampiressRN...... stay tuned.

Great job Dave!,,,,, looks great!

These are fantstic, Tipsy! You said you are cutting these by hand... what kind of tools are you using? A scroll saw... or what? I am always interested in the whys and wherefores in creating art.
They are really turning out awesome, they look like swizzles from Gullivers Travels or something. :wink:

That turned out great and love the colors.


It looks fantastic Dave.

Happy holidays !!! here's the head of the new swizzle for vampiress !! - just a few more details on the stick and it's ready to set sail to it's new home !!

more pics to come as soon as it's complete !!

EXCITING!!! Looking fabulous.

Here it is !! sorry for the dark pics - i will try to get some brighter ones this weekend. Anyway, here is the finished swizzle sign for The Vamptiki lounge !! Designed by vampiressRN, it should make a nice addition to her tiki room..... now I have to build a box to ship in !!

I hope there is a giant cocktail to use it in!

Yee Haw...it looks FABULOUS!!! Hoping to get my ceiling done this year and that baby is going to look awesome hanging off it. You did a great job.

Very Cool!


Can't wait to see a pic of it in its new location.

Wow Vamp that's so cool and he did a wonderful jog. I'm thrilled that the Roge lamp with my tikis will be in the same room. Wendy

here's my latest giant swizzle project - creature's cove

enjoy !!

That looks great
Good job

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Lookin good Dave!

Hey glad to hear you modified that cannibal carving because I did my own modified DSK
Tiki necklace just in time for the 4th.

Annndd here it is....
Love yer stuff as always.

This is a DSK design and only one made for myself as I needed a red white and blue tiki necklace for the 4th.


Wow, never seen these before! Great work! Love that creatures cove. Is it wood?

Those are amazing, Tipsy! I am duly impressed!

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