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Goten of Japan, Sunderland,, MA (restaurant)

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Name:Goten of Japan
Street:Route 116
Phone:(413) 665-3628

Japanese Restaurant that used to serve cocktails in tiki mugs.

One of my favorite recent postcard scores. Hard to find images of people actually drinking from tiki mugs in these old Chinese and Japanese restaurant postcards.

These folks each have their own drink in an OMC "flipper tiki" mug.

:down: too engrossed in the master samurai's sword-work to notice he is being served the nectar of the gods

:down: My favorite image of the week

:down: Here's a picture of that "flipper" mug from Silverline's collection


Cool card!

Those were the first tiki mugs I ever purchased, still have two of them. This is one from my kitchen shelf.



Goten was right up the road from UMass, and I went there a few times back in the early 90s. Alas, I can recall no tiki mugs, although they did have the Benihana style white ceramic Buddahs & Fan-Girl mugs that some drinks came in.

I think its still open to this day... Next time I'm in the area I'll poke my head in.

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