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United Airlines ,Tiki and Hawaii

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Yikes, it's a Tiki nest! Get the bug spray! :D

Cool find!

Haha! That kind of pest problem I'd like!

On 2009-11-10 14:15, 1961surf wrote:
United Airlines was the official airlines for Disney in the 60's and early 70's.
There were signs thru out the park at Disneyland promoting air travel with
United Airlines .Here is a kids menu depicting the Enchanted tiki room on the
back cover of the menu.

Not from my personal collection, photos courtesy of World Toy.

I just learned that my grandfather had a lot to do with this stuff..He was VP of marketing for United, and had the sponsorship for the Enchanted Tiki Room in his budget! My grandmother told me the sponsorship was $50,000 annually. I would guess that he was involved with most of the other marketing collateral seen in this thread.

It was brilliant marketing if you ask me. Rather than just look at a black and white TV ad, Disney patrons were transported for a few minutes to the islands. Right in front of them was the name of the airline that could take them to the real Hawaii!

I've been a Tikiphile ever since I visited the ETR as a kid, but I never realized I had grandpa to thank for it!

Recent find at the local flea market. Kealakekua Bay Print Captain Cook Expedition presented by United Airlines. Print sits a couple inches out from the back on blocks.


Here is mine,

I made it light up :)


Found this great Trader Vic 8X10 from United Airlines promoting Trader Vic as their meal and beverage consultant.

From 1972


On 2013-06-23 19:42, Tattoo wrote:

Look at that magnificent bastard.

I haven't seen a picture of this guy on this thread yet (though I've spotted him in a couple other places on TC...)

He's almost 6ft tall, made of high-density foam and has the "Property of UA" tag on the back.

We just pulled him out of someone's yard here in Chicago a few days ago (fortunately he was under a canopy so he's still in good shape, just a few knicks, some small cracks and a couple small chips.)It had been in the basement of that same house since the 1970's, until the current owner moved him to the yard to make more room in the house.

Not entirely sure where he's gonna go yet, but really psyched we
found him out in the wilds and for a reasonable price!


Enough about the dog, but that's a great looking tiki!

Great find indeed! This fella appeared not only in this fine example of paper cut-out art United Airlines poster...

...but also on the Disney Tiki Room poster:

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Thanks for the tip, Sven-

He's big enough I might need to get that keychain for HIS keys!

I don't want him ringin' the doorbell and raisin' all kinda ruckus
trying to get back in in the wee hours after long night out and one
too many Mai Tais...


Hello! Saw this thread and was excited to post a recent find. We found the United Airlines Mystery Fountain at a Flea Market in Mobile, Alabama. It was tucked away and we almost walked right past it. When the gentleman told us he only wanted 40 bucks for it and the basin, we couldn't shove the money into his had fast enough!
There was a small break in the leg where the tube runs up, but after re-working it and running a new tube, it works beautifully!

Haven't seen this faux-wood wall plaque mentioned yet. It's pretty sizeable, and stamped "Property of United Airlines" on back.



I just picked up the Royal Hawaiian UA menu that is shaped like Ku. would you know the year it was used on the airline?

Thanks, ukutiki

On 2019-06-09 09:52, ukutiki wrote:

I just picked up the Royal Hawaiian UA menu that is shaped like Ku. would you know the year it was used on the airline?

Thanks, ukutiki

I think DC originally posted that menu. He may be able to shed some light on a date.

United Airlines 1970s first class lounge on a Boeing 747. Tiki/tapa wallpaper on the back wall. It looks like the flight attendants outfits were made from plaid curtain material. "I saw it in the window and I just had to have it".


That is amazing!!!!!


Anybody have a 27" Tiki Farm United Airlines menehune man repro they'd like to sell? Looking for a replacement for someone whose little guy was damaged. Men

A recent find at an antique store in Sebastopol Ca. It's 39 inches long and a little over 36 inches tall. uaoutrigger


Koitiki, are they looking for just the Uncle Menehune, or both Uncle and Auntie?



I found the 31" tiki today at the antique fair! Along with the livorno 1894 diver helmet ice bucket, the coco joes tiki, and a ships wheel! I'm so excited!


Hay, is that 31 in Tiki plastic/resin?

Yes, I believe it is resin.

Thank you....It's a keeper.


I almost forgot about this old thread. I’ll be flying United to Hawaii next week👍


Here’s a Hawaiian Open decanter I picked up last week.


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Nwhite posted on Sun, May 7, 2023 8:33 AM

IMG_0466talked to United archives…they have never seen another.

Trader Vic (Victor Jules Bergeron Jr) United Airlines promotional photo.Trader Vic United

And a couple of Tikis

UA1 Ku Hawaii Tiki

UA2 Fountain, sadly no base, but it works very well.

UA3 And, an extremely rare Maori Tiki for promotion for travel to New Zealand.

Great finds!


IMG_0473paper weight


Found my second United Airlines, Hawaiian Open decanter at a thrift shop last weekend. This one from 1972.


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