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Wendy Cevola ceramics to painting. I love doing tiki art.

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I played with clay as a child. Then I began to paint in high school. Then I retired work and became a ceramicist. I retired from clay and now it's back to painting! No matter what you do if you get to create something life is good. You are a fine example of that! Thank you.

Black velvet wish of Ryan Stowe July 2022.

best brighterbestfinished and cropped

For Tiki Oasis San Diego 2022. Party in the Garden. Acrylic on Black Velvet.

Painted with regular paint and then again with UV light sensitive paint.

In 2009 I saw this broach on eBay. It was made in the 1940's. I saved a photo so I could one day paint it. close up!

Party in the Garden Regular light Party in the Garden UV Light

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Lookin good

hang10tiki thank you. The one I'm doing next is pretty sexy!

Wendy, what did you do with all your ceramic supplies?

I sold every single thing to Robert E. Coleman. He is putting his studio together. It took months for him to take it all to Nevada.

The Black Velvet wish of Ron House is completed. Even though it wasn't requested some of the painting is UV light sensitive. Here is how it turned out. 9/5/22.

Ron House black velvet (141)Ron House black velvet (142)Ron House black velvet (143)Ron House black velvet (146)

A Black Velvet Wish for Chad Manen


February 2023.

The black velvet wish for Ari Yuasa is finished. It also has a neon effect.

best (2)z best (1)

Here it is hung in Japan with two Tiki Bob's I made for him in the past. z best in japan photo

I made a collection of the tiki necklaces I've made in the past. They now hang on my wall at home. DSCN7136

Love the black velvets when the colors change

hang10tiki it brings back the 1960's and all the fun dances. I love ultraviolet light on paintings.

I was given this reference photo and then DSCN1427

I sculpted a mug for Robert E. Coleman and then trained him in the art of mold making. He took it home and is now beginning to cast this Pumpkin Tiki Bob. DSCN1694298802620_444379884378729_7353363261603145725_n

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