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GROG gotta get back into doing ceramics. Got a bunch unfinished sitting around needing to be worked on. Just finished working on some Woody Woodpecker shorts, so now I have time, unless another animation job suddenly pops up.

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If GROG ever finish some fezed monkey mugs, Hamo still interested.

Two limited editions of fezzed apes left along with several one-ofs/APs and those guys are finally out of my hair. Ten Zebra print fezzes and 15 Leopard print fezzes.

Well - you usually gave me a Tiki Oasis kiss on the lips but now I go everywhere in a mask. I've made Dan's butt famous with sculpting it on my mugs. His is a nicer fanny than mine so how about you spank him instead and I'll still feel punished! It would be a great photo to post on-line!!! Love you, Wendy

Spank Dan?!!! What fun is that? I can spank my own butt if I want to spank old man ass.

Oh no, Dan said he was looking forward to it!

See you in August.

I've had my eye on the leopard fez ever since you posted pics years ago.

I'm also trying to make a trip to TO work.

I hope you can make out for TO, Hamo.

I have SOME ceramics that I completed before I quit working on ceramics,. For the Goin' Primitive mugs I've got 5 more Zebra print mugs left to be fired for a very Limited Edition run of 10 Zebra Print fezzes plus one AP. And, I have 15 Leopard print mugs that still need to be glazed and fired for a limited edition of 15 leopard print fezzes plus one AP. And, I have several oneofs/APs like this Tiger Print fez. And then these damned APE mugs will finally be DONE and out of my hair!! I have a number of unfinished mugs and bowls that have been glazed but need touch ups and refired. And I have some new and old ideas for mugs that I want to make. Plus I've discussed with Kirby making a Rumpus Room mug that will only be available for people that come to his Rumpus Room. So, hopefully we can get that going as well. I came up with an idea for a companion mug to go with the Bamboo Ben mug that I want to make, and it should be a fun sculpt to do.

All of these are APs/oneofs except for the Zebra fez with the black tassle and and band around his fez. That's what the limited edition will look like. The zebra fez with the yellow band and tassle is the AP. The brown mug is the AP left over from a previous limited edition that was sold out, and so is the ape with the red fez and yellow tassle/band. Photo on 6-16-22 at 8.43 AM #2Photo on 6-16-22 at 8.43 AM #3Photo on 6-16-22 at 8.43 AMPhoto on 6-16-22 at 8.52 AMPhoto on 6-16-22 at 8.58 AM #2Photo on 6-16-22 at 8.58 AM #3Photo on 6-16-22 at 8.58 AM

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This is how far along Leopard print mugs are, so plenty of more glazing to be left on those guys. The finished one is the AP.Photo on 6-16-22 at 9.20 AMPhoto on 6-16-22 at 8.43 AM

I've got two APs left over from when Kirby and I did the original Tonga Hut mugs that I should put up on ebay. Here's one:Photo on 6-16-22 at 9.20 AM #2Photo on 6-16-22 at 9.26 AM

And sometimes I would pick up a generic mug at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I want to glaze tapa cloth design, or a tiki or both, or maybe a hula girl on these and refire them. I think that would be an interesting experiment. The trick will be to keep the new glaze from running since it already has been glazed and fired. I'll probabaly try an underglaze and see if that works. If it doesn't work, I only paid a buck or two for the mugs, so no big deal. It'll be worth the try. Photo on 6-16-22 at 9.21 AM #2

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And of course I have a number of salt and pepper shakers that need their holes drilled out because toothpicks don't always work perfectly to keep glaze out.

Photo on 6-16-22 at 11.33 AMPhoto on 6-16-22 at 11.34 AM #3Photo on 6-16-22 at 11.35 AM

What colour is the other Tonga Hut A/P?

Kind of a tan/burnt orange color. It needs like a brown wipe to bring out the detail.

Photo on 6-17-22 at 12.39 AM

Hamo posted on Fri, Jun 17, 2022 8:19 PM

I like the three mugs here


What a fun bunch of posts. Very much like a visit. I hope you post some of the steps you do with glazing those blank mugs. Its fun being retired from ceramics, now I just enjoy watching others work.

GROG have good ideas for pepper grinders.

Grind them peppers!!

Bamboo Ben on Spike's Breezeway on Youtube tonight (July 23) with some art for glasses designed by GROG.


Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 11.52.56 PM

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Well done. Ben's never looked better!!!

The BenZombie animated cartoon on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIlOFjSEKp8

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 1.16.12 PM

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 1.15.06 PM

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I wan'a be a zombie too.

Great animation Ernie!!!

Mucho thanks.

great stuff bud!

Thanks, bud!! Glad to see you posting again.

great to be connected here again. Missed my dose of Grog art

For those who didn't make it to Tiki Oasis, My art was in an ad for Tiki Tom's BenZonbie on the back cover of the Tiki Oasis program, and some guy named DEREK did the cover. Ernie_DEREK

I did my first firing in my kiln since 2019. Did a bisque fire to burn out particles and dust. Going to do a glaze fire today.

Here's some of the pieces I'm working on. They were sitting on the shelf as blank Tiki Bob bodies for 3 years, so now I'm finally finishing them up. I really hate working on Tiki Bobs, so I'll be glad when these guys are done and gone.

Photo on 9-17-22 at 9.49 AMPhoto on 9-17-22 at 9.50 AM

GROG any chance of an Alfred E Newman Bob?

What, me tiki??

No chance of Alfred E. Newman BOB, sorry.

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Hey that one might be good, some other guys idea for a mug in tiki Bob, together with some other guys idea for a cartoon character put into one mashed up not your art tiki mug.

Bob way back when Bosko did a few versions of drunk Bob and some others they were cool and fun but at what point does it get like way over done.

I would say 1000 or more tiki bob mugs ago.

Damn Grog you are a real artist that can make your own ideas of great mugs you don’t need the crutch of some other guys idea with a tweak.

So over Tiki Bob, it's been ruined just like Ray Ban aviator sunglasses have by that guy who wears them now.

Took the cool right out of them.

That Goin' Primitive mug that's the stuff!

Now if somebody makes one of those Goin' Primitive mugs with a different glaze yer not going to like that.

I hate glazing Tiki Bobs. These last three Bobs were some greenware I poured back in 2019 I and just need to get them out of the way. Almost rid of those last Ape mugs left over from Going Primitive, so I'll be glad to get those out of my hair as well.

I've got original mug and bowl ideas that I came up with way back when that I'm excited to finally able to get to, and some new ideas as well. Plus, Kirby and I want to produce his Rumpus Room mug. So, plenty of ideas for mud slinging.

I'm getting ready for a road trip to Texas for a high school reunion, but once I get back, I'm hoping I can really jump into some mud slinging, or "ruining" as Babalu calls ceramic making.

Hamo posted on Tue, Sep 20, 2022 8:09 PM

Let's see what you glazed and fired on Saturday!

Well, I started to put on some clear glaze on some pieces, so they are covered now, but I'll have to grab some of the other pieces in the morning. I have to use my computer's camera because I can't download pics to my new computer.

Fired some Tiki Bob shot glasses. (Glaze didn't work on the far left one, so gotta fix that one.) A volcano bowl from 2019 that needed some glaze touch ups. Some Wangaroan shot glasses. (One not shown because the glaze was too thick.) A couple of Moai mugs I textured originally from 1963 Duncan mold. (I've got a couple more not shown because they are covered in a clear glaze and need to be refired.) Got a Wangaroan scorpion bowl and and Moai bowl. The Moai bowl has some clear glaze on the inside and needs to be refired.) And I fired some Going Primitive Ape mugs with zebra print fezzes. (See previous post up above to see what they look like)

Photo on 9-21-22 at 1.32 PMPhoto on 9-21-22 at 1.33 PM #2Photo on 9-21-22 at 1.33 PMPhoto on 9-21-22 at 1.34 PMPhoto on 9-21-22 at 1.35 PMPhoto on 9-21-22 at 1.37 PM #2Photo on 9-21-22 at 1.37 PM

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It all looks good!

The glaze on that Volcano Bowl turned out especially nice. !

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Come-on, how bout a GROG Bob?


Poke, poke,

Your stuff looks great Grog.

Remember that tiki Bob that tiki Baï did?

No, no you do not.

Just ask yourself "what would Tiki Baï do"


Heck if you die tomorrow would you want your last mug you be a Tiki Bob knock off?

Update what a burn Tiki Baï DID make a tiki Bob mug don't know why such a talented artist would need to do a tiki Bob knock off but then she may have put her very artful spin on it, never seen it.

Don't know how doing copy after copy of a tiki bob is ok but make a copy of a Shag mug or some other tiki Central persons mug and that is a big no no.

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I loved Bai's Peanut Bob. I wanted one and I'm not even a fan of Tiki Bob.

"Heck if you die tomorrow would you want your last mug you be a Tiki Bob knock off?"

I wouldn't care. I'd be dead.

"Come-on, how about a GROG Bob?"

No more Bobs!! I hate glazing Tiki Bob!!!

That being said---- I still have some Tiki Bob Coffee mugs from when I first started doing Tiki mugs that have been waiting around for all these years for me to fix their glaze problems (runny mascara eyes mostly before I learned I should use an underglaze for the eyes and mouth.) So, I still gotta do that, too.

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