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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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What RichC said. Mad skills and wonderful artistry - inspiring!
BTW - congrats on what has to be one of the coolest handles on TC!

Aww Shucks! Mahalo Cold War Space Monkey. You're too kind!

Wow. I haven't posted here in a while. These photos show the new sofa and chair cushions (already a year old now)...but there have been other changes since these photos were taken last year.

Stay tuned...

Wow, just went back through this whole thread. Incredible, inspiring work you've done.

Those new cushions are nice! I've referred to your build multiple times for inspiration as I work on my own tiki escape. Glad to get your latest update! As has been said many times already, you've accomplished a tremendous amount to be proud of.

Almost 3 years since I've posted on this thread. Where is the time going?


I have this "nautical wood" wall, and it's been serving me well for the last 12 years.... T1

However, I've recently acquired this nice large piece of tapa cloth. I really like the look of it and it has a pretty cool provenance. I really have no place to put it, so I have been debating whether or not to install it on this “nautical wood” wall.

T2 T3

Obviously, what I have pictured here is a very temporary installation of the cloth, but it gives a simplistic idea of how it could look. Yes, I would finish it off in a more slick way, likely making it appear to be mounted below (and sort of bursting out from) the nautical wood, perhaps.

But, I wanted to see what you thought? Should I install the tapa cloth? Or keep things as is?

Gorgeous tapa! And in such great shape! I'd hate for you to lose the cool nautical wall, but you've got to display that tapa somehow. If you didn't already have tapa on the ceiling, I'd suggest putting it up there!


Tapa is always nice, but…the ship plank wall is really good looking !

Thanks for the comments Prikli Pear and hottiki. I appreciate them.

To give a better idea of how I would want this to look after installation, here's a concept illustration I whipped up on Procreate:


I would still hang pictures on top once installed.

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that Tapa is nice... some may frown on cutting or altering it. I have a large piece in my bar that didn't quite fit, was too long, and so I folded it back as not to ruin the original piece as its roughly 100 years old. just a thought.

your place looks great! well done!

Yeah agreed...I don't want to cut this piece either. What I intend to do is install the broken wood boards on top of the tapa. Keep the tapa whole, but have the boards over top look busted (like the aquarium).

ahh, I see that now... was certainly looking at it differently. That would look very cool for sure!

I think that will look great

I covered one wall with a large tapa cloth. I used a router to make molding to hold it up. I used small nails to attach it to the wall.

Oh yeah! I was going to vote no for covering the nautical wall, but I love the jagged boards over the tapa. That would look amazing.

I knew it was going to be good when I saw the floor. For me that is usually the end of something good.

bar pic crop

A more recent photo at the back-bar lava shelves.

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Recently acquired and installed this Marquesan U'u ceremonial weapon on the nautical/tapa wall. It's far more substantial and heavy than the photo suggests.

That is one big piece of wood. A nice addition!

Looks great! Fantastic find for sure.

Great job, you have had some great ideas

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