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I Am Tired Of...

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As an American citizen I am sick of seeing my country's flag flying at half staff. I respect the honor being shown for the loss of a life or lives but it seems that the evil ones in this world have determined that we should never be able to fly our flag any other way. They are keeping us in a continuous state of mourning. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear ya 8FT.
It is the year of the half mast flag.

This last shooting with the teens was gang stuff though.
Who lets their 12 year old go to a place that is a strip club
every night but this one night.
And then let them stay till 12:30.


Here is a post from that fine clubs Twitter page.

Went to the strip club last night wit my lady, had puy, tiies and a$$ in my face as she cheered it on ... It was at that moment I knew


I was in Dallas last week and noticed all the flags at half mast. It was a sobering reminder that even those who seek to protect are not immune to the firepower of those who wish to do them harm.


So I just got hit up by the neighborhood kids for money, GET THIS for the schools!
We pay WAYYY too many taxes now, so they get this bright idea that they will send out the kids to their neighbors and shame some money out of them.
What crap we don't even have kids.

Of course I gave to them, and it's not the money it's the idea they know what they are doing and dam the schools go through money now like it's water.

Sooo tired of this hand out begging society we now live in.


Double standards. Rules only applying to certain people. Those that are not a part of the 'in' crowd.

Crap being posted on threads which doesn't belong there.


Demonizing people for the cause célèbre du jour.


Vendors at the State Fair making like 10 or more corn dogs when there is nobody buying them.

We try to find a vendor that looks halfway decent and not like some ragged out drunk, can't do it.

Never got a corn dog, they all looked like they had been made 4 hours ago.

The food we did get sucked too, the booths mostly had a young girl selling the stuff and a young guy looking out the back of the trailer doing nothing, Lots of young guys "working" at the fair doing nothing.

Restaurants serving me cold food. I'm done.


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