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Will carvN Great pics


I'm building another pepper grinder. OH NO it's a Lono.DSC02092

Amazing Will!

Let da peppa fly

So I figured I should make this work before I carve it. Two weeks into it & it works like a champ. It's a piece of cake there are only 25 individual parts that need to be custom fitted before we put it together. Then I came to discover it carves like a piece of crap. Chippy, brittle, hard & has big cracks from top to bottom. It's old dry Cypress & carves like ply wood. Well, let's see how this goes.DSC02094

May carve like crap But U making it look good

I'm about 1/2 way done with the carving. This wood's not so bad. It's just the outside layers. The grinder part works real good.DSC02095

Amazing Bruddah

Makes me think that everything needs pepper on it

Tool marks! Evidence that a work was created by an authentic Tiki Artist.


Thanks for the kind thoughts oddball. The more I use chisels the less I use power tools. I work hard to tell a story with tool marks.

So, I'm done with this guy. Here's the glamor shots. DSC02096DSC02097DSC02098DSC02099DSC02100DSC02101

So great to see your work again. Lono is amazing!

Amazing Bruddah


That's AMAZING!!!!!

Hope you don’t mind if I spray pepper all over Florida:


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Look what happens when you put coffee in a pepper grinder.


I think it’s time for a Tahitian vanilla salt shaker

Just saying

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Next up, It's a Tang. I'm on a roll here. The Lono is 28 in tall & 4 1/2 lbs. The Tang is 16 in tall & 3 1/2 lbs. No in process pics & I still need to put a finish on him but here's the Tang getting instruction from his big brother Lono.Tang pepper grinder

Since I had no in progress pics for the Tang we'll start this with the Carve blank. 2 pieces of cypress that weigh 4 1/2 lbs.. Cut to height of 18 in.. Squared off at each end, flat. Shaved down to the right width of 4 in. and smoothed em off. Next we'll drill a hole thru the center of both logs. EZ PZ.Maoi start 5-23

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Can’t wait Nice lineup


Well, not a lot of in progress comments, so, I thought I'd throw this pic up since, well, I'm making progress. It's a pepper grinder now & it works smooth. He's a carving since, I'm carving him now. DSC02111

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Awesome! Dat's da grinds bra!

Thanks Mike, count on you. Could you tell I was pandering?

Looking good. :)

Looks like he wants to pepper spray someone!!!

2 tiki thumbs up

Thanks for check'n on me. I put the finish on the Tang. Now I know what you're think'n. So, how many Tang pepper grinders have you ever seen? Should you be jarred that he's green? One good thing about putting the finish on is you can always paint over it. DSC02113

Progress is our most important product so we're going right to the glamor shots on the Moai. DSC02114 DSC02116 DSC02117

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Adoring the stylized take on the moai. Definitely something to draw inspiration from - especially those ears!

Thanks for the thoughts Bam Bam but thank Benz He's my hero & mentor & inspiration. So here's the spin thanks to Hang 10.

image0 (2)


U are a master carver

Love the tang color

Let the pepper fly my Bruddah

Your latest tikis are all possessed.


Thank you GROG. New carve. Like they say: "it's a good start".DSC02124

[ Edited by Will carve on 2022-07-04 05:31:38 ]

Yes it is

Great work as usual ... glad to see people showing up here again, hopefully more carvers will come back and share their work!

Here's the glamor shots.DSC02126 DSC02127

What could this be now?DSC02128


This could be a beauty in the making. :)

Thank you Hilda. I love it when you sprinkle sugar on me. OK I'm gonn'a give you a hint. DSC02131

Suprise, it's a hand carved, palm frond, lono kind'a, Tiki guy, on an animal print board, with a hemp rope twist and a gift, a sea shell. Who'd a thunk it?DSC02132

[ Edited by Will carve on 2022-07-22 15:58:26 ]

Very well done!

Love the mask holder and frond carvings

U fast

Way kool my Bruddah


Love it! Man, I wish we had access to palm fronds like that in these parts - they look fun to work with.

Palm fronds are my fave for small things. EZ on the hands and tools. Fun to carve. And they're free. So the guy on the left I did a few months ago He was fun to do & I had the other half of the log so I decided to make him a buddy to hang out with. They are suppose to be 2 lil guys wearing big honk'n masks. So heavy they can hardly hold them. The masks were inspired by 2 pendants I did a while ago.DSC02143DSC02144DSC02145

[ Edited by Will carve on 2022-09-14 08:52:25 ]

Awesome Love em all

Thanks for posting em boss man


Beautiful work.

Thanks guys, I can always use the encouragement. Me, I never cared much for Marquesan carvings and I don't know why everyone's going Marcrazyan these days. All the new stuff at the Mai-Kai is leaning Marquesan. My 2 carve buddies are carving Marquesan. Jeff Chenard carves Marquesan. Mareille Thornton's favorite carvings, Marquesan. Since I aim to please, I'm going (you guessed it) Marcrazyan. Here's my first Marquesan.DSC02147DSC02148

[ Edited by Will carve on 2022-09-22 16:30:55 ]

Looking good. CARVE YOU MONKEY!!!!

Sweeeeeeeet Marc

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