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Well, that was unexpected! I love ferrets and animals like them. Looks very cute. Time for a walk and photos. How is the rain in LV?

Wendy- lots n lots of rain

So my brother was in town for a week, lots of food, beer, food n cocktails

So no woodworking for a week

While he was here he bought himself a watch from Tag Heuer


Time to make him a lil something for his bookshelf

It all starts with a lil piece of walnut I’ve had for years

Here we go:







[ Edited by hang10tiki on 2023-01-16 13:15:00 ]

Nice! When I looked at the second pic my eyes lied to me and told me the letters were raised instead of recessed!

Mike- lol, that would be much harder, :-)


This piece of wood gave me the finger!!!




You gonn'a give someone the finger?

Is that the fickle finger of fate.

It looks good.

Where you gonn'a put it?

I don't get it.

After you read this I hope I don't get it.

Will- a necklace with attitude, if needed!!!

It only got sucked up into the vacuum once, lol



Oh my, Dan as an X-ray technologist had an X-rated photo that would go perfectly with your post. However, I don't want to get kicked off of here. You sure keep us on our "toes" with your posts.

Now that you have painted toenails and fingernails are you doing your wife's? Did you do anything special for her birthday?

Wendy. Lol. Not doing her nails. Dinner and drinks for wife’s BDAY!!!






Yo Will- thought of u as I was working up a sweat. My last piece of palm, found 3 a long time ago, 1st one had some bad areas, 2nd piece was trash, hope this one is ok.


Love the finger! LOL How is that draw knife on palm? Tell Jonelle that Phineas said Happy birthday! Phineas Bday

Mike- works well when sharp, half way done “skinning it”. Still need to take the rest of the light outer ring off:


Spousal unit said “thanks Mike”

[ Edited by hang10tiki on 2023-01-17 18:08:37 ]

Working on a down draft box

Hope to finish tomorrow

I've come to carve thru the bark on palm. What lil bark is left is EZ to remove & when I put the finish on it what bark is still left adds to the over all look.

Sir, That’s why you are the master

[ Edited by hang10tiki on 2023-01-23 11:49:52 ]






[ Edited by hang10tiki on 2023-01-23 11:54:53 ]

Holey hole batman. That looks like it really sucks.

With all those top holes is this a Menehune Trap?

Will- yup, it sucks

Wendy- I looked inside, no dusty Menehunes to be found

Made another one of these:




Those are really pretty and useful. Drinks taste better when they start in one of your creations.


Didn’t like the final finish on this, so I sanded it up to 3000 grit, much better


Started another Hei Tiki


I don't know why they are a nightmare tiki, I think they are very cute.

W- I think so too

Not what I expected but done. Sometimes poplar wood doesn’t play nice.


Are you talking about the green color? It's fun that if you just look at the bottom half there's another tiki looking face! Love the orange eyes.

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