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I didn't read the intro to your last post & I thought I was seeing pics of your house & all the things you carved. BTW your Jig is just the right thing. carve on.

Will- lol. I wish

Lil more today

Quit early, getting HOT out


Making a new strop


Well, I have no idea where your idea originated from. This is a mystery. A doll, a ghost a weird lady?

I first thought that's a short belt until I read STROP, I knew what that was. How fun to read your posts.

Hopefully it will take shape in the days to come. Once I don’t have to go to work.

Are you gonn'a quit your job to to just keep carving? Good man! Does your wife know?

I used my whole belt to make my strop. I can make 30 inch passes with the blade. Ben use to tell me make long passes not short brushes with the blade. I bet you could make a longer pass than me if you used your whole belt. Just say'n.

Will- no, I wish, just waiting for a day off, lol

30 inch waist? You definitely win that one!!! I had to find a leather belt at goodwill




6462e383143ee I know that guy, Ralph.

He loves meal worms. get them at a pet store. You'll have him eating out of your hand.

Here's him & his brother Benny NEW KIDS 2012


They are all over my wall when it’s warm out

They run off fast, I can’t get close


[ Edited by hang10tiki on 2023-05-16 15:18:20 ]


The carving is looking very scary. I LOVE lizards. that food looks yummy.

Ya know how you would run to a guy holding out a Yellowman cock tail? Well, that's how your lil friends would run to you with a meal worm in your hand.

Wendy- Thanks. The food was great

Will- I have been known to run for a drink


A pig headdress? This is really strange. Since I'm "out of date" I may need a photo reference in the future. No matter what it is I like the deep carving. It's very interesting.

The headdress goes with the puppy face with floppy ears.

And the striped legs leading to his lil puppy paws.

[ Edited by Will carve on 2023-05-20 05:11:22 ]

Wendy n Will: :-)

Ok ok

It will be an Indian with a wolf head dress


Firewood. Lol

Lil fun yesterday after carving:

(Best pizza ever)


Then a quick stop at Frankie’s


working on the head dress today


I hope you are having as much fun carving this as I am watching. I am looking forward to what you do in the area of the eyes.

Hopefully eyes


Carved that area in deep to make room for the nose to stick out

EYE can SEE that now!!!

 👁️ 👁️

Picked up a new rotary tool that was on blowout sale at harbor freight, came with the motor, handpiece and speed control foot pedal for under 50.00

Got an IV pole to hold it.


Started on the nose and cheekbones today

Taking down the mouth area as well.

I think I need an air conditioner in my garage

So hot


Looks like there is room for a Navy Grog IV drip on that tree.

Good point sir

Cool rotary tool! Looks like a decent sized motor for some uuumph!

Mike- it works well, not sure about the foot speed control pedal, quite the shin workout


Started early before it got hot

At least there was a nice breeze

Smile lines, removing thin slices:



[ Edited by hang10tiki on 2023-05-25 16:07:31 ]

Nice wrinkles.They are hard to do. I asked Ben to show me how to make them. He said no. Never did.

Trial and error and error and error and error


Eye day


Poop, The sclera (white part) on the right side of the right eye chipped out when I was trying to remove the iris (color of the eye)

Funny when I got this piece of wood, I thought everything would be huge, it's still tiny

Carry on


Wolf headdress and his hair will be next

[ Edited by hang10tiki on 2023-05-26 11:16:44 ]

It’s my Friday


Just saw this lil guy



Nice out

Not to hot

Wolf hair and his hair today:


Next will be the bolo neck tie what-cha-ma-doodle thing and the leather hair braid thingies

Sweeeeet!!!!! Can't wait to see the bolo neck tie what-cha-ma-doodle thing and the leather hair braid thingies

Doodles & Thingies Doodles & thingies.

I find it amazing that you looked at the wood and saw this trapped inside. Well done on the nose and lips too. This is a really artistic piece. You could use Elmer's wood putty to build up the chipped area. You can carve it when dry.

Mike- here ya go

Will- lol, here they are

Wendy- thanks, good idea on the sclera repair. When done if it stands out I’ll see if I need to do something.

Started at 5 am


Now I have to figure out what I want to take off the bottom to make it look like the wolf head dress lays correctly and looks right

I also want to hollow out the back where the necktie is so that it’s an open area straight through to the back




Spiced up the Love Lady Love Juice IPA

Then walked next door to the source


Through n through


Lil more to go on the bottom sides


Cha Ching. and you know what that means.

Wow, very impressive work!

Will- I get extra credit? Lol

BW- thank you. Not tiki, but fun!


Don't play with knives and chisels when drinking!!! This is such an incredible piece of art. It's actually exciting.


Thanks Wendy, to late

It’s a fun piece, and different for me


Just got back:



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