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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Looking good! Love the new additions!

Excellent clutter! I've been trying to accumulate similar items of decor, but dang, the more trashed out something is, the more it seems people want for it! And is that a for-real giant clam shell? Excellent! I've had to make do with a concrete version. You've got a great thing going!

The shells are real. I've got quite a few bigger ones. The 2 on the deck are like 16in and 12 inches.
The one in the lean-to is 19in and I've got several inside the hut from 20in up to 33in.

Outstanding bruddah
Another great add on

That is some very picturesque clutter there. I'm envious!

Added in a new digital Timer and electrical lines going to the Lean-to and deck.... and a few snow pics

Very nice Erich! You guys are a little higher in elevation than I realized. Probably doesn't snow often but once in a while. I heard snow was supposed to get down to 2,000 feet this week

We are like at 3800+ ft. We got more this morning.

About a month or so ago, my buddy in New Jersey said he saw a tiki statue for sale and wanted to know if I wanted it. He had no idea the significance of it, but was excited I was happy about it. So he bought him, and we shipped him across the country to the hut.

He was missing the stand and bowl. I my mind the only person right for the job was Ken Pleasant. So I contacted him and he carved it up for me...

I spent about a week soaking the statue to kill termites (and one new jersey carpenter bee that escaped and is probably confused now where he is), brushing and staining. Its a little darker than it should be, but its close.

Yesterday I put him in his final spot and reworked a blue moving light to simulate water in the bowl.

All in all I'm a happy kid, and this witco fountain will now get a much better life.

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ARGH! I saw your light post on FB but hadn't realized the backstory! That is a super find (wish I had friends like that!) and a great restoration job. Glad to see the ol' Drooling Bastard getting a new lease on life. :)


Nice score! Excellent restoration as well. He looks very much at home.


"I spent about a week soaking the statue to kill termites"
In what?

On 2018-06-13 07:10, Will carve wrote:
"I spent about a week soaking the statue to kill termites"
In what?

I'd also be interested in hearing what you used. Did you actually find termites in it, or was it a precaution?

You've got some great friends!


Wow! That looks fantastic!


Very nice. I like the trim around the door too.

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