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Camelot Golfland, Anaheim, CA (other)

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Name:Camelot Golfland
Street:3200 Carpenter Ave

Camelot Golfland is unworthy of being counted among the locations in this esteemed forum, but I have a soft spot for tiki as applied to mini golf. As mini golf places go, this is actually one of the better ones I’ve been to. One of their courses is a “Safari” course which is really a chaotic mess of many different themes – including a little bit of tiki.

Most of the tikis are painted and clownish.

Are these supposed to be African, or Polynesian? I don't know.

Trader Sam's competition.

This one looks a little like Kon Tiki.

Here is what the ancient Polynesians did with their old telephone poles.

Not all tikis are monogamous.

Although many of the Tikis here are the victims of an unfortunate paint job, Tiki and miniature golf are a pop-cultural match made in heaven that deserves to be documented in any form it occurs :)

The Ghost of Miniature Golf Past

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