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Seven Seas Room, Las Vegas, NV (restaurant)

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Name:Seven Seas Room
Street:Nevada Biltmore Hotel
City:Las Vegas

I just got this matchcover from the Nevada Biltmore hotel in Las Vegas. Turns out it was developed by non-other than Bob Brook’s, the owner of the famous 7 Seas restaurant and bar in Hollywood.

The hotel had a a 7 Seas Room restaurant and bar as well.

Compared to the original Hollywood location.

Cool font on the lettering for the hotel.

Back of the matchcover that also advertised the 7 Seas in Hollywood.

I was able to find and old photo postcard of the tropical bar on the Las Vegas Ashtray website.

The website had the following story:

“The Biltmore was built on this corner in 1942 by Bob Brooks. His single-story resort on 17 acres -- featuring a hotel, cottages, showroom, casino, restaurant, bar and pool-was Polynesian-themed, a motif he'd brought with him from his famous Seven Seas restaurant and lounge in Hollywood.For nearly three years the investment paid off, thanks to business from the expanding Army Air Field at the north end of town. But by the end of 1944, Brooks saw the Biltmore's future dimming and sold the resort. It changed owners (one of whom was famed bandleader Horace Heidt) until June 1948, when four well-known members of the white community purchased the resort as the Nevada Biltmore Hotel Corporation. “

Cool bit of Vegas history.


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