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Electric cars?

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Germany is firing up old coal plants, https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2022/08/01/germany-coal-energy-climate/

"France, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands have all announced plans to reactivate old coal power plants. But nowhere are the plans as extensive as in Germany, which is allowing 21 coal plants to restart or work past planned closing dates for the next two winters."

It has been on the news that Germany is even taking down some wind turbines to get coal instead.

The green energy is not going to be able to replace coal it just will not be able to keep up with the huge demand.

USA will have other nations be guinea pigs and then plow straight ahead with plans that will not work anyway.

China and India are building MANY coal plants right now today and have been for years.

And I will be dead by then and unable to say I told you so.

And hey all the big Whigs that pushed this stuff on us will be dead as well with only their heirs left to spend all the money they made selling green energy to the world.

The return to coal (and even wood!) is a short-term measure brought on by Russia's action in Ukraine. All the countries in this article are poised to be 100% renewable within a decade or so. The US is headed in that direction as well, despite your fist-waving at clouds. Even oil-rich Texas is getting a third of their energy from renewables. Living in Florida, the Sunshine State, it's deplorable that we don't get more of our energy from solar.


"Texas is getting a third of their energy from renewables."

Yeah, and Texas has like what 7% if that of electric car usage on the roads now wait till that's 100% it won't work.

Plus did Texas just have a summer where they told people they could not charge their electric cars between the hours of Say 4:00 and 8:00 or it would shut down the grid? And that is at the 7% electric car rate!

Just think of what that will be when you have 100% electric cars on the road.

Guess what most of those cars and green energy things are made of, PLASTIC one guess what plastic is made of OIL.

I used to work keeping the power on at OSU on the high voltage crew, it won't work then you will be shaking your fist at that electric car you can't charge, and you can't drive. There are problems with that we have not even thought of yet.

There will always be some excuse of why it won't work "well we were on track to go %100 "but the warm weather called for more electric demand" "there was a war" "China cornered the market on the stuff needed to make the batteries" "people talk about electric cars but don't buy them" It will be something.

What does that guy who will never make enough to buy an electric car do? walk, do without? There will be MANY people that can't afford one of those cars, ever.

So, you do have an electric car now, right?



That "war in the Ukraine" excuse is wearing VERY thin.

It only affects those countries so stupid as to turn off their reliable energy sources and then have to suck at the teat of the Russian gas pipeline. Surprise , surprise, Old Vladimir turned it off because you supported the Ukraine! That very same excuse is being trotted out here in OZ by the current "net zero" obsessed Government. Of course they cannot explain how anything in the Russia/Ukraine war actually has any impact here on the other side of the world. We buy, get nothing from either country, least of all gas.

Australian now continues to dig up and export massive amounts of coal, gas and uranium to all those countries that are building and using plants for reliable energy, but of course we here cannot use it because if we all pay more tax, move to the half-baked technology of electric vehicles, then the weather will suddenly change in London....or somewhere. China produces more emissions in just two weeks than Oz does in a whole year! And don't forget any volcanic eruptions. Better get a plug for those because they release MASSIVE amounts of CO2.....

But we now have parrot-coloured haired imbeciles throwing soup on famous paintings and gluing themselves to the wall in protest. If I ever happen to come across such an act and I find I have a full bladder at the time, I will be staging something of a protest of my own. They cannot move out of range!

FOR THOSE WHO REMEMBER.... main-qimg-5de727a8a5f6c90c67f2f4a5c8302492-lq main-qimg-b54888cdf2da0ba2c7b61f7baffb6295-lq

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This has been going on since 1895!

1895 - Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again – New York Times, February 1895

And below is a list of some of the nutty scare threats over the years. This is and has been a cash grab forever politicians get voted in by saying I will save you for the bad things with my ideas and laws.

I was there in the 70s when they were saying we had only ten years left, well what happened, how can people that lived through that era buy into this green new deal BS.

The List Of 120 Years Of Climate Scares By Scientist. https://710wor.iheart.com/featured/mark-simone/content/2019-10-08-the-list-of-120-years-of-climate-scares-by-scientists/


And it would not be that hard to point out that the push to electric cars is racist, as poor people can't afford them, so doing away with the affordable gas car puts undue harm on poor people.

I bet right now there are fewer charging stations for electric cars in poor areas right now, if there are any at all.

Man, what do you think the repair bill is on an electric car?

Wow, you are all over the place, which makes this discussion pretty much pointless. Check back with me in 10 years and we'll see who is right or wrong on this issue.

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Nope this thread is about Electric cars so on topic.

But how many 10 years goes into 1895! How many times do they need to be wrong until you think it's just scare tactics?

AND I think I posted the day that some politician said we had only ten years I think that was three years ago and Al Gore's ten-year dooms day threat warning has already passed.

Hey ya did not answer, Do YOU have an electric car, I think you don't.

I might be a fist shaker, but you seem like a finger waver.



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So, I know this thread is about electric cars, but it also is about America getting off of fossil fuels as that is the reason for the electric car push.

BUT we just got our fuel oil bill our home is heated by oil.

Last time it went up 14% and this time it went up 15% on top of the 14% percent last fill, so that's 30 percent!

So, I get that they are trying to make fossil fuel so costly that we move on to some green energy to run our cars, heat our homes and all the other needs for energy we have day to day.

But what is the replacement? what are they saying we should do to replace all those energy needs?

Looks like there is no plan.

I tell ya I just don't think we could ever get our all of our energy needs met by green power sources that is a huge task.

If we really felt that we must reduce our energy usage, we would be going subterranean and living underground or part way underground as the temp subterranean is always way closer to what we want to be all the time.

Found this out working in manholes year-round at OSU.

We will be cold this winter as we just don't want to pay all that money for heating our house, we could afford it but what about those that can't afford it what do they do?

I do have a lot of what some would call rich friends and some of them are the kind of people that say they are concerned about the poor, but they just don't think it all through, as long as they are warm and they don't feel the inflation they really don't get it.

Global warming or climate change might kill us all in the future, but how many people will the cure kill right now, this winter?

What is the plan to get off of fossil fuels?


Ok so get this....

"Switzerland plans to BAN electric cars from the roads and order games consoles turned off during power shortages in a bid to reduce energy consumption"

"Switzerland will ban the use of electric cars for 'non-essential' journeys if the country runs out of energy this winter, the government has announced."



So, close your eyes and think... It's Christmas, and cold outside and now you can't drive unless you have a gas-powered car also.

Damn what would you do?

Would that cause utter mayhem in California/New York?

Oh, the big guys would ALL be getting around fine as they fly in one large car/jet to carry one large ego person.

Now there is almost 40% electric car usage in Switzerland so 60% of the people don't have ways to drive if that happens. But then we all know there will be cheaters, but just think what would they do if they had 80% electric cars on the road, or heaven forbid 100%!

This is one of those unseen problems they are just not trying to see.

Just think how dependable gas cars have been, but for the 70s and the gas shortage there really has not been any times you could not get gas has there? AND I think that was a manmade fake shortage, or was it?

Look for way, way more electric car problems to come as the people that bring you the news don't want you to see any problems with electric cars.

I look for them to say once they figure out that electric cars are not the way to say " you know we did not get to 100% as we wanted but the progress we did make has made a huge difference in climate change", or whatever they are calling it at that time.



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Just imagine having a medical emergency? Are Swiss ambulances electric or petrol driven? Just wait until the next WEF meeting at Davos, the Swiss ski resort and watch all those private jets fly in.



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The head of Toyota just said it can't be done changing to all electric cars that is.

A person from Michigan said that was happening in Mich the electric cars would freeze up and be dead on the road there in bad weather.

But it will fizzle and fade out like it has many times before but not before we spend tons of cash.

There are so many pitfalls that we have not even thought of yet.

They just said on the news that the ozone layer was set to reset or fix itself by I forget the year, need to look up the article.


They have since discovered that "hole" in the ozone layer we were supposed to fear was ALWAYS there. It has to do with ozone being unable to form in very cold temperatures, but it made for a good scare campaign and a lot of cash for those who changed the gas in all our refrigerators. Notice how this discovery gained no coverage in the media, but the subject has been dropped.






Considering that Tesla doesn't yet make a van, I'm not sure what you would expect them to be using?


So it's still gas to the rescue? Makes about as much sense as all those recharging stations now being powered by diesel generators. (see above)

No, it's not gas to the rescue, but what else do you expect them to use for roadside support if none of their current offerings aren't large enough for the task? That's like making fun of your local car dealership for having their gasoline-powered vehicles delivered by a diesel-powered semi.

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Well somebody will have to come to the rescue. It's not as though you can just hitch or walk to the nearest gas station and bring back a can of electricity is it!

But your idea about gas/vs diesel is not quite the same. Both diesel and gasoline are derived from the very same source. The pretence behind electric vehicles is that they are SUPPOSED to cut down emissions. The fact that they only do so if used for very short distances and only then if charged from electricity that happens to be generated from solar or wind and NOT coal/gas etc. Of course there's no way of ensuring this. Otherwise it's just figuratively washing one's hands of the issue and passing the blame onto someone else for all those emissions. The EV that gets stranded due to its battery running out is still responsible for causing the emissions from any rescue vehicle, .....and those of all the vehicles trapped behind it if it's blocking the road. I have already been stuck in a jam behind a flat EV . Might I say that the other motorists were NOT a happy lot.....and certainly not reticent in expressing their frustration to the owner of the dead EV!

[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-01-19 19:59:27 ]

You missed my point completely. Tesla does not yet make an electric van, so their options for a support vehicle are either a gasoline-powered van or an electric van from some other company, which is really bad optics. So, for now, they have no other option. You can bitch and moan about EVs all you want, but this picture doesn't advance your argument.


TikiHardbop Do YOU own an Electric car right now?

If not it's deplorable that you don't, to use your words.

Why should people buy a car that you one who is so pro EVs won't buy for themselves?

I don't understand when people can't look at a fact and say "wow that is a good point" even if it goes against the thing you stand for like EVs.

Snow on a solar panel is a fact that I for one never thought of and hey what about dirt too that would reduce the sun charging the Pannel as well it's a good point and an issue that would need to be addressed if we were one day to depend on these types of energy.

When a person just does not even consider any bad point on what they are trying to sell you it makes me wonder about the motive why, like maybe they work for or sell the green energy push.

Thats what science is you gather up all the facts and see what you find good or BAD, when the green energy people don't want to even hear the bad parts it makes me wonder why.

You find the pitfalls of a new thing and try to fix them, at times it just is a bad idea and can't be fixed.

Thats where I am I just don't think it will work and can't believe that we are rushing head long into EVs.

Kinda surprised that there has not been more reasons that EVs are good posted here.

I would like to hear some good things about the EV car as well, it would be better TikiHardbop if a person with firsthand knowledge and owns an EV tells us about the good and bad of their EV.

Nor does that flat EV!

AND I'm betting that if the rescue vehicle DOES arrive, the recharge of the EV is conducted via a generator that runs on.....wait for it; ...DIESEL or PETROL? Yes?

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If Tesla does not yet make an electric van could they just make a pull behind thing that would charge the cars.

Does that have to be gas powered or could that be a big battery with stored energy that they pull with an EV.

I think I saw on the news that not only does Obamas new house in Hawaii have a very big fence but also a very big gas generator.

Mark Zuckerberg also has a huge fence in Hawaii around his house it's so big the locals hate him as it blocks the view of the ocean so he tried to buy their homes.

What do they know that we don't?

You mean something like THIS....???!


[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-01-22 12:59:00 ]

I do own a Tesla (Model 3), in Southern California where we don't get snow on our solar panels, or even on our roads. We've never had "range anxiety" as we get about 350 miles on a charge. We charge at home overnight at significantly lower rates than a gas fill-up would cost. It takes a couple of hours to go from a 30% to 80% charge (at home on a 220v charger). A supercharger fill-up takes about 15-20 minutes. It's not for everyone in every environment, but it makes sense for us. People should drive the vehicles that make sense for where they live and what they use them for.

Wasn't it California that was urging people NOT to charge their electric vehicles due to the grid being unable to cope only a short time ago?

Not that I've ever heard. I know we weren't supposed to water our lawns, but then we got flooded. Ha!


There's this.... Snap_2023.01.26_15h10m04s_001


Thanks for adding that stolenidol I have talked to people that own the EVs and they all love them, and I think that my wife and I would like an EV as well.

We don't go on long trips much and when we do we like to stop a lot and take our time.

The thing I don't like is the way they are going to force them on us that and I don't think that we will be able to get rid of Fossell fuels while getting rid of Gas cars at the same time, it just won't work.

The other thing that gets me is the maint on the EVs yeah there is no upkeep really but what does it cost when there is a problem, every time we have had an electrical issue with our gas cars well, they never find the problem.

Our Ford Flex has tons of electric and the voice BS.

At times if you turn up the radio the station will change, you will be driving down the road and the air-conditioning will just turn to heat.

So, I try to stay away from all the electric bs if I can, but ya can't.

Also, a guy near us works at OSU and he plugs his EV in at OSU for free so who would not love that.

Things like the less taxes and free plug ins will over time go away and EVs will not be as cheap as they are now you can bet on that.

Have you noticed that electricity is now going up?

Just saw an old Ford Bronco sell for 4 hundred thousand on the Berret Jackson sale so like do ya think an old EV will ever be so valuable and wanted?

Do keep us posted on yer car, hope you never have to post any problems about it.

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