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Kona Kai, Denver, CO (restaurant)

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Name:Kona Kai

I spotted a menu from the Kona Kai restaurant in Denver that sold on ebay some time ago. It has to be one of the most brazen copy cat jobs I have ever seen.

The cover of the menu was taken from the sign at the Kapu Kai bowling alley in Rancho Cucamonga.

The inside of the menu used the graphics from the Beverly Hills Luau.

And the drink menu photo was ripped off directly from the House of Kwong restaurant located in Woodland Hills.

The old TTT at its best (or worst).


Very interesting, but why would they copy a drink menu? They couldn't possibly have had all the same glassware. Weird.

Anyone know any more about this restaurant -- like maybe where in Denver it was located? I'm guessing this was not a Marriott-owned Kona-Kai.

Maybe they were both supplied by O.A.?

I know that the Kona Kai was supplied by OA. Bob told me a story about how he remembered flying into Denver in a snowstorm to work on the place.


Thanks for the info. Do you have an address on this place?

It was located at 1135 South Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood and operated from 1968 - 1986.

I stopped in the Lakewood Historical Society many years ago to look thru their archives and files....not a word about this place.

Surprisingly, it was also located in a bowling alley (Brunswick).

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Awesome! Having an address is always a big help.

So this was obviously NOT a part of the Marriott Kona-Kai chain. Did they actually have a sign copied from the Kapu-Kai sign, or is the sign graphic on the menu just a fantasy graphic? It sounds like DC thinks the latter.

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