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Wiki WIki Sandbar, Folly Beach, SC (restaurant)

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Name:Wiki WIki Sandbar
Street:106 East Ashley Ave
City:Folly Beach

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Been watching for like a year as this place was being built. From day 1 we thought it was going to be Tiki or Hawaiian, and it is. I think this is the only Tiki establishment built architecturally as Tiki in the last 20+ years. 6500 sq ft is huge. It is next door to our Tiki condo. Our favorite restaurant on the island is behind it, along with other notables. They have been working with Pagan Idol for their drinks.

We will likely get over there early next year. I don't have high hopes of it being old school Tiki. But I hope they have a dark corner that has a good Tiki vibe and they serve good cocktails. It is a block from the ocean and has an ocean view. The design looks cool. We'll see.

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Pictures of the place

Tropical, but not "Tiki" much. If this was the start and then they added a lot more it could get there. I'd at least want that top floor bar to be all out and in the evening be a nice old school feel.

May be there in a couple of weeks.

"Mai-Kai: History & Mystery of the Iconic Tiki Restaurant" the book

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Pictures from our trip over recently. The drinks were not great. They should have hired me to consult on a drink menu.

But it has an ocean view, is a fantastic design. The upstairs bar opened while we were there and it could be old school, but it's not awful.

The food is fantastic. Almost everything was great.

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