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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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That pool setup looks amazing as does the rest of the build

The whole atmosphere around your build is so relaxing. Love the pool AND the bar.

Great to see updates again. I love a great build.

Would it be possible for a closer view of the countertops?


Thank you all for the Good Vibes. Building seems to go in spurts. Tired of hearing "shipping issues" when trying to get materials. Such is life today. After my self imposed delay/isolation, I'm accepting this won't be a Perfect Tiki Bar. Multiple plans (lava LED lighted lower bartop, embedded tiki/pirate stuff coutertops and others) dropped through the years. I've zero experience with epoxy, router, electrical, plumbing... The Bar will just Be what appears. It will never be "Done". Took time to accept this....

The pool coping, hot tub and waterfall was hand carved concrete. Had the walls touched up to match and a "love seat" added to the Paradise Tiki (holding up the patio roof) Props to Jeff Chouinard (Craved all my Tiki(s) Great Talent. That explains (in my noggin) the countertop Lava copper look. More of a Polynesion Black Lagoon. The Bar countertops are the Lava coming up from the pool volcano. And the Vampire Tiki in the yard... The Mai Kai (first visit at 11 yo) was a major influence. If I may Ref: basiccopper.com is the current source for acid etched copper sheets.

A couple of pix.... I suck at copper sheets/glue/plywood work. 2" rope will cover the copper buggery.

Walls, Tiki/LoveSeat, Countertop closeup.

Walls TikiLoveSeat RedWineCopper

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Looking great!

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