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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Looks great Wendy!!!!! Great start

This seems appropriate to put here :(

LEROY EARL SCHMALTZ (1935-2022) Please join us, the Schmaltz family in celebrating the extraordinary life of LeRoy Earl Schmaltz.
Our dear friend and father, LeRoy passed away Friday, June 17th…surrounded by family. He had recently celebrated his 87th birthday and what would have been his 62nd wedding anniversary with his beloved Vivian. LeRoy has now joined Vivian, his co-parent of a vast Schmaltz family of 6 children, 2 daughter in laws, 2 son in laws, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. He was also a beloved Uncle to many, including his niece and her family who lived close and are part of the family. He was a cherished mentor and friend to many. It goes without saying LeRoy was a gifted and prolific artist of many genres. From Tiki-carving, to mozaic work, watercolor, pastels, charcoals, assemblages, sculptures, architectural design and so much more…LeRoy established himself as a legendary artist and creator. Pursuing his passion for polenesian art and wood carving he partnered with Bob Van Oosting to create Oceanic Arts in 1956. After being partners for 65 years they retired in November 2021. They enjoyed celebration events all throughout April…as an epic send off ending with a two day auction. Although LeRoy received many accolades and awards throughout his career…when he was recently asked what his greatest accomplishment was, he answered without hesitation… “My family”. To the world he was an artist…and the Godfather of TIKI… to us he was our beloved Dad. If you knew LeRoy you knew he loved his Jesus. Although his parents had taken him to church when he was a child, it wasn’t until 1976 that he had a radical experience with Jesus which changed the trajectory of his family. They began going to church and were actively involved in various ministries. His life and legacy became about seeking and savoring the Lord. He continued to be a humble force for the kingdom of God for the duration of his life. Although we miss him immensely, we have tears of sadness and we have tears of joy. We know he is in the loving arms of Jesus after hearing… “Well done good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord.” Matthew 25.23 *Our parents wanted to have a service together…we will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate their extraordinary lives. Details to follow...we'd love for you to join us!

Thank you MadDogMike for both the comment and then the message about Leroy. I'm so happy he had the fun of the auctions and the book. I wish he could have seen our swap. He had a good life well lived.


Looks like it's my turn again. These photos show how I use a photo, cut it up and use it to outline the tiki. Then when painting I use a wire brush to add texture. These photo show just the first layer of paint added and scratched.

July Swap on Tiki Central (8)July Swap on Tiki Central (9)July Swap on Tiki Central (10)July Swap on Tiki Central (11)July Swap on Tiki Central (12)July Swap on Tiki Central (13)July Swap on Tiki Central (14)July Swap on Tiki Central (16)

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your steps.

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Where is everyone? I'm lonely here.

More layers and then a fix of a hairline I got wrong.

July Swap on Tiki Central (17)July Swap on Tiki Central (18)July Swap on Tiki Central (19)July Swap on Tiki Central (20)July Swap on Tiki Central (21)July Swap on Tiki Central (22)July Swap on Tiki Central (23)July Swap on Tiki Central (24)July Swap on Tiki Central (25)July Swap on Tiki Central (26)July Swap on Tiki Central (27)July Swap on Tiki Central (28)July Swap on Tiki Central (29)July Swap on Tiki Central (30)

Not done yet.

I love it Wendy!

Wendy, is that one of your old clay tools? Smart! 62b133db285ca

Thank you. It is a clay tool, but I've always had them for painting too.

My piece is finished. Here are the last steps that show the addition of shadows, the ground the stars in the sky. Then I've shown how I touch up the frame. Then the framed piece and what is on the back. Now I can sit back and watch you all work on your pieces.

July Swap on Tiki Central (32)July Swap on Tiki Central (34)July Swap on Tiki Central (35)July Swap on Tiki Central (36)July Swap on Tiki Central (37)July Swap on Tiki Central (38)July Swap on Tiki Central (39)July Swap on Tiki Central (40)July Swap on Tiki Central (46)July Swap on Tiki Central (49)

WOW! Beautiful Wendy!

Thank you MadDogMike. It's fun to be done and to sit back to watch. Tic Toc Tic Toc

As planned, the canoe just BARELY fit into the kiln. image000001

Now working on 3 coats of dark brown for the canoe and clear glaze for the reptiles. Back into the kiln tomorrow morning image000000 (1)

Canoe is out of the kiln and I like it! I will experiment with a stand but may decide against it. I'm a little concerned it will be top-heavy and unstable on the stand. Fortunately I made the bottom flat so it works well without the stand. Volume capacity is about 15 oz. 20220625_065856 20220625_065910 20220625_065902

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20220625_122348 20220625_155810

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Done and dusted. Now to come up with a Signature Drink to go in it. (And maybe a better glamor shot) 20220625_170401

Amazing, MDM!

Thank you sir

Wow, that's a crazy amount of work. You always make something special. It's cool without without the stand but I'm glad you made it. The SWAP is growing!

Thank you Wendy <3


JBell, Wendy and Mad Dog are done?!?

Boy am I late to the party.

Better get going:


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Shake a leg Hang10!!!!! LOL


Off to a good start!!!

Woo Hoo a master carver is on-board!

Hamo posted on Mon, Jun 27, 2022 8:43 PM

Good looking stuff here so far.

I've got a few things but still need to pick up some other supplies and decide on a subject.


I like that frame!

Mike n Wendy: Lol

Lil more, wow, it’s hot out!!!


Joshua Bell I missed your finished piece and then read the message by hang10tiki. Good thing. I went back and found it on page one! Wow were you fast. Excellent work.

hang10tiki loving the steps.

Wendy this is AMAZING!!! Like seriously!

Mike, You've outdone yourself! If I make something and we're paired up I'm going to need you to make me a drink for it.

Me too. Plus, I got it for half price, although that was only supposed to apply to seniors, which must mean I look like I'm at least 55....

Also, this came from Thriftbooks today:


LOL LoriLovesTiki. I am working on a signature cocktail for that mug called the Fast Outrigger", a riff on a brink called the "Fast Canoe"

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LoriLovesTiki it sure is fun to see all of us old timer TC people returning to share the fun. I hope you jump into the swap!

Lori What ya making?

I contacted cY n willcarve

Hope they jump in

Got a lil more time in today


David Ray is joining the Swap again but is having trouble logging in to TC so here's his progress

Thrift store frame 1

Tapa pattern painted on Masonite 2

A canoe! 3

Looking awesome David!

Great progress Hang10!

Thanks Mike. I was finally able to get in, I will post finished pics tomorrow sometime.

Awesome Dave! Thanks. In fact, if you want to make your own post with progress pics I can delete my post. Or leave it the way it is if you want

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Dray: Lookin kool

MDM: thanx

Lil dental work today:


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Here’s the final piece. 9BE5BD04-A091-47B2-87DA-53648645C279

Looks great David!

I like this "glamour shot" a little better. The background doesn't hide the Luzard and Crocodile 20220702_193110

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David and Mad Man Mike- awesome!!!

Mike- ya made me thirsty, but it’s only 6:30am lol


Thanks Mike


As Mad Dog would say, “ glamour shots to follow“

Those are some scary looking chompers Hang10!


Wow, great pieces all around! I apparently took a time out from TC- busy with work, then tested positive for Covid (caught catering a huge convention) then my wife kicked me out to quarantine away from her and the kids so I had a mini vacation at the Motel 6 (was completely asymptomatic, which was a plus). In retrospect I should have brought a router, I had a ton of time on my hands....

Anyway, back to TC and I'm floored by the finished projects all around! I picked up some lumber today and got to work. Progress pics (not glamour shots) below. I will add stain or paint then finishing spray. Since I have some time left I might work on a separate mask piece also from the OA catalog.

Jon, love your carve, Mad Dog, as always, incredible- Wendy, oh my! David, killer, absolutely love it. Mauka, so cool. Joshua, amazing.

Can't wait to see who else jumps in! I think Ernie might???? Cheers, all!

First drew on some lumber.... IMG_4750

Then started using the router- and forgot a progress pic.... IMG_4751

Finished routering (without final detailing), and jigsawed the piece out... IMG_4752

Then torched it (my favorite part).

IMG_4753 IMG_4754

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