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Phineas Foggcutter

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This seems like a good place to introduce my friend Phineas Foggcutter. A skeleton with a bit of a drinking problem who lives in my backyard. Died in the 1843 Gwalior Campaign in India, and was posthumously awarded the Star of Gwalior that he wears proudly.

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By Jove, I like this saucy (and rather boney) fellow!

LOL, thank you Mr Bali Hai. Here's a few more I found 2 3




Nice mask! Phineas has good taste!

Yes he does LOL That started out years ago as a Michael's plague mask and got Papua New Guineafied. From my 2011 Christmas card LOL 4ef73096 (1)

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Heart and Liver


Wonderful words of advice from Phineas! Will he be installing a bar in his shower due to his age?


Hey we got one o those!

IMG_1053 (2)

TIKIGIKI, like this? LOL Shower

Tikiskip, Phineas says that's his long lost cousin!

Damn good idea! I'm thinking of doing the same myself.


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Dating Mistletoe

Dear Santa

A bar in the shower !! .......What a great idea !!!! (thinking to myself...how come i never thought of that before.....Plumbing is already to go !!

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Had to look up "Malort"....it's not sold here. Is it really as bad as all that?

pineapplewhip Right? ;) tikigiki I've never actually tried it but I know it doesn't get much love in the Tiki cocktail group I belong to LOL

Have a safe New Years Eve! received_703844207821943

Hide The Cork

Well at least she's not "legless".....!

As far as you can tell anyway LOL



Loved the ladder! A broken mirror on the floor would have been fun too! As a person who was actually BORN on a Friday 13th, I always enjoy any celebration of that date! Another one in spooky October this year too!



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His resolutions last THAT long? Years ago I made a resolution NEVER to make any at all.... Works well so far! And I've been able to keep it too!

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LOL "Years ago I made a resolution NEVER to make any at all" That's me exactly! The only resolution I was ever able to keep :D

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