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OGR's Art...or so I call it

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Here is a painting I'm doing based on a Very famous Tiki Polynesian Palace. This is the starting point and it's already shifted direction. I'm using Tikiskip's Lights for some reference. A couple other art pics thrown in as I'm all over the place! early 60's tikibar motelpalm2 (3) baaaaaad1


Lookin good.

Hey, I just got the Plam motel joke if it ever was a joke.

I wonder if a woman named Rosey owned it.

Cant get anything by you Skip....Thanks BTW. The Tiki Bar is almost done...I'm happy with it so far.


OGR, I'd call that art too. Nice!


Sven's repeated want...a pic of a lady with a Severed Head Mug at REN CLARK'S...this is my interpretation. OK, So I'm Finished (never really, but I stopped)..finally. It's 20x15 on heavy Watercolor Paper and as usual is sharper than the photo....Watercolor and gouache. I worked on no other Art was I was hell bent to finish this, as I drew the original (quite different) part 4 years ago...and had to finish...which kept me deep into details...like as all you say, any home Tiki Bar...are you ever finished? I hope it's a success. A few other newer pcs I did before this...trying to ramp up speed after, 1st a knee rebuild @4 years or so ago and the Spine Surgery (and 6 months in a rehab center) @ a year ago. Onward and Upward! renpaintinga (3)

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That's really good. You've got quite an eye for detail & a brush stroke to support it. Feel free, in fact I would be honored & proud if you used any of my carvings to embellish your paintings.


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Thats great OGR!

I do see a few of my lights there very cool thank you.

Will, Thanks you very much.."will" do in the future...I appreciate that.

Thanks Skip, Wish they had more prominence but I was trying to do as much of the Bar area I could. I appreciate the kudos.


A few other rando pieces and a Betty Page -car show in process. samsonja zxx2 zcsbp1 (2)

I like the monochrome one in the middle. Looking forward to more of the Bettie Page

A few more Rando Hen Scratching's wvampi wjungle (2)

'Gator wrasslin'!

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