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Everyone here at Tiki Central is passionate about the Polynesian Pop movement. While the exact edges are blurry, we can give you a bit of insight into what Tiki Central is not about:

Tiki Central:

  • is not about Jimmy Buffett and Parrotheads
  • is not about modern plastic, brightly-colored tiki party decorations
  • is not about the Caribbean/Key west design aesthetic
  • is not about Disney, Star Wars, Adventure Land
  • is not about Creature From the Black Lagoon or other monster fantasy
  • is not about African-art inspired masks/carvings/design
  • is not about Margaritas and tequila-based drinks
  • is not about simply anything that has a tiki on it or in it

It is okay to like one or more of the above and be a member of Tiki Central, just remember that it's not our focus. There are plenty of places on the web for that. We encourage new users who may not know what Tiki is to read up, search our forums, and ask questions.

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