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General Rules

  1. No discussing religion or politics or politically charged subjects. Tiki Central is not the place for this kind of discussion.
  2. Be polite. Please refrain from insults and name-calling. Be polite even if someone is insulting you or someone else "started it". If someone is really bothering you, then U-Mod or contact us, but be polite.
  3. No posting of fake or misleading information. This includes fake news, fake reviews, and fake information about products. From time to time Administrator/Proprietor needs to make a judgment call on what is fake or misleading information. The Administrator/Proprietor had always has final say, and the members of this site are expected to abide by the decisions made.
  4. Never threaten (seriously or jokingly) anyone with violence. Doing so may cause you to be banned from Tiki Central.
  5. Do not Troll. Trolling is the act of making comments specifically to irritate, inflame, or arouse anger in other users.
  6. Spamming (posting the same message in more than one forum, or posting unwanted advertising in the forums) is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  7. Do not cross-post. Posting the same message in more than one forum is considered spamming.
  8. Please sign up for a single account only. Do not use multiple accounts to mask your identity or appear as a different user.
  9. Do not be deceptive in your interactions with other users, especially in the area of who you know and who you don't know. If a family member, friend, or someone you know posts on Tiki Central, do not mislead others into believing you are strangers. This type of behavior is deceiving.
  10. Your account must be linked to a valid email address. If a moderator of Tiki Central needs to get a hold of you, we will try your registered email address.
  11. Avoid writing entire subject lines and messages using all-capital letters. It makes your posts harder to read.
  12. Do not resurrect locked topics by posting new ones. Locking occurs when moderators decide a topic should not be discussed anymore, and resurrecting is prohibited.
  13. If your topic gets moderated (locked, moved, edited), do not take it personally. Moderating is done to improve readability of the site and is not punishment.
  14. From time to time Administrator/Proprietor needs to make a judgment call on behavior not specifically covered in these rules. The Administrator/Proprietor had always has final say, and the members of this site are expected to abide by the decisions made.
  15. If you're not sure about these rules, or if you're crossing a line with a post, feel free to contact us.

Breaking of any of these rules or contributing to the disruption of the site may lead to loss of account functions, a repeal of your Grand Membership, temporary or permanent banning, or any other action the Proprietor of the site decides. Thank you for understanding.

Specific Forum Rules

Collecting Tiki Guidelines

  1. eBay Announcements no longer go in the Collecting Tiki forum. They belong in the Tiki Marketplace.

Tiki Marketplace Guidelines

  1. All classifieds, for-sale announcements, and eBay auctions are posted in the Tiki Marketplace forum.
  2. Please click the "This is an eBay Auction announcement" button above the subject field. This will let everyone know it's an auction.
  3. Include a link to the auction and the date the auction will be over.
  4. Don't just copy the eBay text; tell us why we'd be interested in it. Remember that the key to a successful auction is making it appeal to it's target audience, and Tiki Central members don't want to read impersonal announcements.

Tiki Events Guidelines

If you're posting an announcement for a Tiki Event, we ask you do the following:

  1. Post in the Tiki Events forum only.
  2. Include the date(s) of the event in the subject line.
  3. You can post a link to the announcement of the event in the Main forum for maximum exposure. Here's how to do it:
    1. Posted your event announcement in the Events forum
    2. Once posted, view it and copy the link from your web-browser.
    3. in the main forum, create a new topic with the same subject line as the event.
    4. In the body of the message, put the link to the forum.
    5. DO NOT include the text from the event page. Doing so is considered spam.

Beyond Tiki & Bilge Guidelines

Please post non-Tiki messages that you think TC members will be interested in here. The Beyond Tiki forum is not a spamming area. Spamming will not be tolerated.