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Ritual of the Savage Sheet Music

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I have been looking for the Quite Village sheet music folder that features the cool cover from Les Baxter's The Ritual of the Savage (Le Sacre Du Savage) album.

Well, it turns out that the Baxter Wright Music Co. from Hollywood published the sheet music for all of the songs on the album. I picked up this one from the Love Dance song.

The back of the sheet music folder with haunting descriptions of each song.

Some of the other songs from the album.

Kind of cool to see them all lined up with the different songs in different colors.


Wow Dusty! I always look through sheet music when I see some in antique stores, but haven't come across anything like that! Really nice!

The cover art and liner notes of this album are truly the pinnacle of Poly Pop primitivism! "Quiet Village" is THE classic but I must say it works well with "Stone God" and "The Ritual" too. Very cool line up!

here is my home altar to this hallmark:

Thanks Bongo. Need to find the other songs now.


I was thinking that the "Stone God" was the best title song for the image!

Nice alter to the Savage, I don't remember seeing that before. That album cover looks great in the custom frame, I've always wanted one of those.

Here is the back of the album with another great half face design.



Reviving this thread to post what I happily snagged from an eBay posting for the Quiet Village piano reduction a while back - the silly goose took a picture of the music itself and added it to the listing! In case anyone was wondering what the inside of one of these looks like. It's a relatively straightforward arrangement. Lots of octave chords. The hardest part for me (rhythmically) is the right-hand triplets against the bass figure starting in measure 3 of the second line. And dig those clusters in the left hand at the end of the 5th system on page 2...

Little wonder that so many musicians covered selections from Ritual, when they happily published the scores to the whole album!

ED: Here's a link to the Full Size Image.

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