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Shameful Tiki Room, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (bar)

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Name:Shameful Tiki Room
Street:4362 Main Street
City:Vancouver, B.C.

A new tiki bar in Vancouver, opened around the end of March, 2013.

FaceBook page

Owner Rod Moore (Vancouver Sun photograph)

[ Edited by: Sweet Daddy Tiki 2013-04-05 11:54 ]

Thanks for posting this SDT!

Here's some shots of the "Shameful Tiki Room" that opened in Vancouver late March. Our final menu is about to hit the tables with several dozen exotic classics and originals, our house band is the fabulous "Hang-Ten Hangmen" and our custom house mug is on it's way


4362 Main Street
Vancouver BC
[email protected]

It looks great. Can't wait to see it in person.

Excellent! Obviously a labor of love. Very inviting :)

This is a great addition to the Western Canadian landscape! Unfortunately, I'm not heading out to Vancouver this summer... :(

The Shameful Tiki Room got some nice props in a "best of" cocktail article regarding Vancouver, have a read;

Congrats on the mention in the Virgin Atlantic blog.

Just browsed the website. I'm loving the philosophy and old school vibe. I wasn't planning on a Vancouver trip this summer but that may change.

Dagg posted on Fri, May 17, 2013 10:04 AM

My wife and I are FINALLY heading over to Van tomorrow to check out The Shameful Tiki room. Ill post some pics when we get home.

Looking forward to this! :drink:

These guys are a regular appearance at The Shameful Tiki Room - "The Hang-Ten Hangmen". Apparently there's rumblings of a big live recording show on the 30th of June, not to mention a rum rep on hand doing samples and tastings and possibly the release of their first ever house mug. If you've never been this sounds like a great night! I gather you'd want to be there early though...

God I wish we had something like this in New Zealand!!!

This is a fantastic venue with bands that are sure to please the food is awesome and rod and his staff are FANTASTIC!! its our northern answer to frankies !!! thanks rod!!

During our big June 30 event our custom "Shameful Tiki Room" mug will make its grand debut! On this day only the first wave will be available - 48 signed and numbered to commemorate the night, be ready, they won't last

Very complimentary article in the Straight a couple of weeks ago: http://www.straight.com/food/395086/shameful-tiki-room-shows-tropical-cocktails-some-respect-vancouver

Rod Moore with signature mug.

Wish I was there now.

Our "Shameful Tiki Room" house mug is now available in full force. Anyone looking to purchase one can do so through our retail outlet - "The Modern Bartender"
phone in at 604-684-1747 (Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 7pm)

or email with info or questions at [email protected]
we can do a credit card over the phone, the mug is $20 plus shipping.

The Shameful Tiki Room has unveiled it's very own Rum Club......50 rums from around the world! Mark them off as you go through the varied list inside your very own Rum passport.
Once completed, you will have a wooden plaque placed upon the wall in your honor and a much coveted "Honorary Member" T-shirt!
See you soon.

Shameful Tiki will be vending at Mod Palm Springs all weekend! Our much coveted and hard to get house mug, some of our most popular t-shirt designs and a great selection of lounge shirts - plus a very limited selection of other stuff. See you there!

On 2013-07-12 11:48, shamefultiki wrote:
Our "Shameful Tiki Room" house mug is now available in full force.

I had a Vancouver-based relative of mine swing by to pick two up. They're great! Delightfully vintage and modern simultaneously; evocative of tacky lava-rock walls but with bold sculpting on the masks. I guess they could be described as self-aware without being conceited. Um, yeah, I'll put the keyboard down now.

Also - hefty bases! Not going to tip over and spill any drinks when the big earthquake shakes the west coast.

Thank Kane it looks like someone did it right. I am so looking forward to multiple visits. Great article in Straight. Thanks Sweet Daddy T. Have you added their mug to your collection? Looks like a worthy mug. Any idea who designed and manufactured it?

Our house mug was an in-house design, Tiki Farm was the manufacturer. Thanks for checking it out!

So we're almost there - the first year anniversary party! Crazy but true. It seems like just yesterday I was driving around trying to find the location, now it's already been open over 11 months! The weekend of March 21/22 will be a lot of fun; live bands, special VERY limited edition Bosko designed anniversary mug, prizes, giveaways and tons more. Get up here and check this place out!
Here's another great article about us, we've been blessed with kind writers! - http://www.bcliving.ca/food-drink/escape-winter-the-shameful-tiki-room

Dagg posted on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 12:16 PM

On 2014-02-27 01:04, shamefultiki wrote:
So we're almost there - the first year anniversary party! Crazy but true. It seems like just yesterday I was driving around trying to find the location, now it's already been open over 11 months! The weekend of March 21/22 will be a lot of fun; live bands, special VERY limited edition Bosko designed anniversary mug, prizes, giveaways and tons more. Get up here and check this place out!
Here's another great article about us, we've been blessed with kind writers! - http://www.bcliving.ca/food-drink/escape-winter-the-shameful-tiki-room

So looking forward to this! Leaving work early tomorrow and catching the 2:00 ferry :)

Plan on adding MANY stamps to my rum passport!!
:drink: :drink: :drink:

and now....the "Castaway Room" in all it's (somewhat) secretive glory! A tiny room for two to hideaway in from the masses, enjoy a cocktail and plot your next high seas adventure.
You may even hear the sound of the waves calling to you... Only at the Shameful Tiki Room!

and sometimes one is just not enough....
If you've never been here before, The Shameful Tiki Room is located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Get up here!

Gonna be in Vancouver Friday through Sunday and plan to make at least one stop here. Looking forward to it.

We took an Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver for our honeymoon a couple weeks ago and spent three nights in BC beforehand so made sure to check out how they do tiki in Canada. Must say, I was impressed. The first night we arrived around 6 for happy hour and hoped to sit at the bar but it was full so we got a table for two. Whereas most places have discounted happy hour drinks, Shameful has a small menu of happy hour items for $6 that aren't on the regular menu.

We started with the Shark Bait and Cobra's Fang and neither of us really enjoyed them. Thankfully we decided to order off the regular menu thereafter because everything else we had was really good. I'm now a few weeks removed from the actual drinking so I no longer can remember the details of each drink and why I favored them, but I have lots of photographic evidence of what was consumed. From the regular menu I went with a '34 Zombie while Chelsea got the Tika Puka Puka. I like on the menu how they have barrels to indicate how strong the drinks are.

Hers was very large and strong (not sure why I don't have a pic of the drink, just a menu shot, maybe she does on her phone) and I believe she was planning to order a Voodoo Grog next since I took a pic of it on the menu but decided to stop there since she had to navigate us back to our hotel on the other side of town. I had a Fog Cutter which I remember really enjoying. (Hey, you can see her empty glass in the pic below.)

As for the decor, it's tastefully done. A healthy heaping of bamboo, thatch, tapas print and matting lined the walls and over head. Not over the top, not kitchy. Just right. There are some nice Witco or Witco-esque wall carvings and nicely done statues, velvet wahine paintings, and other vintage finds scattered all over the place including a display case for some collectible mugs. There were peacock chairs, puffer fish, a TV playing old b/w movies, exotica album covers and old advertisements lining the walls. The music was right too. Great ambiance to help forget the outside world. I like!

I went back two night later while Chelsea stayed back at the hotel to rest. This time I got to sit at the bar and chat up the bartender. I believe his name was Chad. I contemplated kicking the night off with a Fog Cutter since I liked it so much the other night but decided to explore the menu further. Navy Grog seemed a good starting point. No ice cone sadly.

Chad was a trooper behind the bar, promptly taking care of thirsty patrons, squeezing 3 fifths worth of limes by hand, working on syrups, getting it all done without seeming bogged down and keeping the atmosphere fun. Jet Pilot was next.

Somewhere around this time a couple friendly gals came in and sat next to me at the bar. They wanted the Mystery Bowl which is introduced with a gong hit and everyone chants Myysterryyyy Booowwwwwl. They let me get a sip and I thought it was quite good. Then they wanted to up the game with a volcano bowl which feeds four. They needed two others to go in on it with them so I obliged. This one was super tasty. Wish I took a couple pics of these.

Probably should have stopped there but who knows when I'll find myself in Vancouver again so I capped the night off with a Day of the Dead and somehow found my way back to the hotel where I probably promptly passed out. I don't recall.

All said and done, I had a great time and like how they're doing there. Oh, they have go-go burlesque dancing on Sundays which sounds awesome but I was happy to be there when it was quiet to experience it that way. Got a custom mug for myself and a couple friends plus some swizzles and matchbooks.

Sounds like you did er up right. We love this place and I am always telling people I meet from Vancouver to go. Really nice job on the post. Great photos. Love those Bosko's

I'm going to be in Vancouver July 2nd-4th. I plan to visit the STR at least once but hopefully a few times.

Was in Vancouver for 3 days last week and managed to visit the Shameful Tiki Room twice. Decor, food and drink all exceeded my expectations. An oasis of cool in an uncharacteristically hot Vancouver summer.

Bartender Shay

Voodoo Grog :up:

Unfortunately they were out of the signature mug. They're not going to reorder - the next batch is going to be a new design.

Tiki Ti Punch :up:

Mystery Bowl :up:

Things are starting to get a little blurry

Happy hour!

Blue Hawaii :up:

Quite possibly a Shark's Bait :up:

'56 Zombie :up:

Ribs and rice :up:

Tacos :up:

If I was a Vancouver resident I'd be a regular.

Glad you made it and enjoyed it as much as we do when we are there. They have a great bunch of regulars and Rod and Monica are always fantastic hosts. Big Mahalo to Chad and Shea for making great cocktails, always. let me know next time youre going and I will try to meet you there.


I was in Vancouver for a conference this week and made a reservation at Shameful tiki for late Monday night. Honestly, probably could have gotten away without a reservation as there were spots at the bar the whole time I was there but I was glad to have the assurance. Sat in that big chair across from the bar in one of those first pictures in the thread. Great place, loved the vibe, and the dumplings were great.

Being on a business trip at the convention center I came alone (and had made the reservation for 1) as I wasn't sure if any coworkers would want to make the trip down to South Main. I figured out, going to a tiki bar by yourself isn't as fun as going with somebody.

I don't know, I think how fun a tiki bar is when on your own depends on you, where you sit, and the other people there. While in CA for Tiki Oasis, I went to several places by myself. Most of the time I sat at the bar, where it is obviously easier to chat with other people. I enjoyed talking to a couple at Grass Skirt, the bartender at the Luau, and meeting Mrs. and Mr. Chris Summers by chance at Trader Sam's. And I enjoyed False Idol and Strong Water, but respectively, the couple next to me with the Oasis wristbands wouldn't talk to anyone else, and I was sat at the little bench by the waterfall and the door to the back bar.

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