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Hindsight Tiki Bar - Texas

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[ Edited by Maleko on 2024-05-30 16:15:57 ]

Be careful. You live in Texas , and at one of your parties somebody gets too drunk, and....


I see you have jokes.

[ Edited by Maleko on 2024-06-11 05:12:03 ]


Picked up this authentic porthole for 50 bucks from my friend the other day. It had five coats of paint on it so it took a while to get it down to the shiny brass. 18 inches wide with 1 inch thick glass.IMG_0557

[ Edited by Maleko on 2024-06-11 04:39:06 ]


Almost done with the cabinets! IMG_0475IMG_0473

GROG posted on Tue, Jun 11, 2024 10:45 AM

That looks great. You've earned a bowl of Blue Bell.


I guess you could say the bar is now open?IMG_0582


Nice to see the work updates on your Texas Tiki project. Looks GREAT!

Thank you. Slow going for a lot of reasons.

GROG posted on Sat, Jul 6, 2024 8:57 PM

Keep that bar safe!! A hurricane is Beryling down on you! Screen Shot 2024-07-06 at 8.48.17 PM

Maleko posted on Mon, Jul 8, 2024 4:12 AM

No worries THIS time. Just rain with a few 30 mph gusts.


I picked up another Port hole from my best surfing buddy. Somebody gave it to him as a wedding gift and he felt my tiki bar would be a better place for it. I couldn’t argue. IMG_0729

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