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Post #10951 by Trader Woody on Mon, Oct 14, 2002 2:59 PM

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Ok, I knew I had a Buffett song somewhere in my collection of mainly guitar-noise bumf, and finally remembered where it was. It was track 13 on the Hunter S Thompson "Where were you when the fun stopped?" CD. (Basically a collection of his favourite tracks....Robert Mitchum, Howlin' Wolf, Jefferson Airplane, etc.)

Right, must get myself in the right frame of mind & give this a listen. Put myself into the Buffett zone somehow.

I've come home from a day at work, and had 3 beers. (Unfortunately not American Buds/Millers/or Pabst f'ickn Blue Ribbon....Carlsberg Export). None of my Tiki's are multi-coloured and no amount of teasing will get my hair into a mullett, so I'm just going to have to imagine those aspects of Buffett-hood.

But here goes anyhow. My mind is open, though I recall fast-forwarding through that particular clutch of songs on the CD.
The Buffett tune is 'Why don't we get drunk'. It starts with a plodding beat, some cliched country stylings, and then Buffett himself kicks in. It doesn't take long to the payoff line, "Why don't we get drunk....and screw" Now I'm really not 100% sure whether the song is a parody (If so, Ween would have done a far better job) or one for the good old boys to crank up before a night of drunken attempted groping of anyone female in the vicinty.

I couldn't bear it.
Awful, hackneyed crap.
I tried, I really did, but it stank within seconds. Buffett remains a byeword for poor taste.

Trader Woody

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