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Post #231047 by Satan's Sin on Mon, May 8, 2006 7:53 PM

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Yes, I've stayed there, late last year, for a week's worth of business.

It seems like the luau was only a Fri/Sat night sort of thing. It happened at the pool. It seemed like it consisted entirely of an Hawaiian-style dance performance, including the twirling staffs o' fire. I don't recall any food being offered, although some of the on-site restaurants offered pricey luau-type dinners that could somehow be offered in conjunction.

The dances were very nice. Two boys and two girls, if I recall. And what's not to like about feverish, drum-heavy Polynesian dances? Except that it seemed it was over rather quickly.

In the late evening, after the luau is done, there is a family-friendly movie that can be watched from the pool.

There are definitely no tikis there. The "theme" of the hotel -- cleverly done, I thought -- was that this was sort of a destination resort owned by a fictitious airline/cruise ship company, circa 1935, in an unnamed Far Eastern country. There's a real-world, small passenger float plane in the nearby lagoon, done up in (made-up) company colors, and display cases throughout the resort show ships and planes in (made-up) company colors, circa 1935. The decor throughout is Tropical Resort of 1935. Arifacts and knick-knacks range from Thai to Polynesian, but they blend nicely and create to the unnamed-but-must-have-been regional "feel" of the property.

I saw a fair number of families there with little kids. Considering the prices, I assume they were all blood kin to Bill Gates.

Good convention facilities. Hotel/convention staff was absolutely top-notch and clearly liked what they were doing. Always a sign of good management and good pay.

Some in TC may recall my post concerning "The Horror That Is Margaritaville." This resort is where I was staying at the time; Universal City Walk (where Margaritaville is located) is but a short boat ride away, down a jungly canal where there had been nothing but flat Florida cattle-grazing land, only a few short years ago.

Recommended. If you can afford it. But if you want tikis, Disneyland is definitely better.

Oh, Mother! The blood! The blood!

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