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Post #340295 by Melintur on Wed, Oct 24, 2007 9:12 AM

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Cassia makes a damn fine cinnamon roll, or is good whenever you're looking to have that spicy, strong flavor. I stock both in my spice cabinet, and use each when the recipe demands.

But which for mixing? I recently did a test comparing Cassia syrup and Ceylon syrup in the Donga Punch recipe from Sippin' Safari. The Cassia cinnamon version was a spice-fest and unbalanced (though I managed to choke it down). The Ceylon cinnamon version was balanced, delicate, delicious! I am in seek of some definitive history on the subject.

I have also noticed that the ethnic mexican spice aisles here on the west coast stock only Ceylon-type cinnamon, though I haven't yet purchased a bunch to test the age or quality.

Thank goodness we have a Penzey's in Portland. The prices are a bit steep, but their quality is multiple factors above your local grocery aisle. The exceptional quality more than makes up for extra expenditure.

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