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Post #387798 by Limbo Lizard on Wed, Jun 18, 2008 7:26 AM

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You may have noticed that the menu says that you have to supply your own rum or "other potent juices", for the bartenders to use. "Those who boarded unprepared will find a bountiful supply available at the ship's stores of our goodly flagship, the White Cloud." In other words, they had a convenient on-premises liquor store. What was up with that?
At that time (1960's), Texas did not allow the sale of liquor by the drink. You had to buy liquor by the bottle at a liquor store. You brought your own bottle of hooch to a restaurant, which sold "set-ups" - a mixed drink without any liquor added, yet. You added the final ingredient, yourself, or you could give the bartender your bottle(s) to use, in the preparation of your drink.
In 1971, Texas changed the law. Dallas began allowing restaurants to sell drinks in 1972 - in certain designated "wet" areas. Thats when the restaurant boom really took off, in Dallas.

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