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Post #44800 by scigirl on Sun, Jul 27, 2003 1:36 PM

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The Coma is a tacky, wacky little bar that is decorated in vintage and less-vintage yard sale and flea market paraphenalia. Many items with a nautical, Polynesian, Hawaiian and/or Tiki theme. The bar collects a wide divesity of clients - many regulars, as well as those seeking a cool drink after a day on the beach. The furniture is a mix of tatty sofas, futons, wicker chairs and coffee and end tables serve to round out the physical environment. The walls are adorned with "artwork" by local artists or unknown folks whose creations were purchased by May at some garage sale. May is a real person - "Atty" stands, actually, for "Attorney," as she was a lawyer before entering in to the hospitality trade years ago.

Drink quality varies by bartender, but beverages are usually of good size and strength. Also, the bartenders will generally accommodate special requests or mix a concoction to customer specification. I can't comment on the quality of the food in the attached restaurant as I have yet to sample the fare.

Overall, the feeling at the Coma is one of comfort and relaxation. There are old board games placed in the lounging areas for the patrons to amuse themselves and propping up the feet or reclining on a sofa is not discouraged. The various and plentiful pieces of tat and bric-a-brac makes for good conversation. Although not a grand Tiki bar, it is a fun Tiki-esque respite after a day on the sand.