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Post #532548 by aquarj on Wed, May 26, 2010 9:43 PM

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Elithe Aguiar's greatest hits on Hawaii Five-O...

Episode 17 - "One for the Money" aired 2/5/69
Appearing as "Nurse"

Episode 44 - "Most Likely to Murder" aired 2/11/70
Appearing as "Elise", one of the staff at Five-O

Episode 106 - "V for Vashon: The Father" aired 11/21/72
Appearing as "Phyllis" the policewoman

Phyllis takes an undercover assignment to distract a top assassin in town to kill McGarrett.

After McGarrett and Danno rush in, the assassin sees he's been tricked.

Saving the best for last, here's episode 99 - "You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich, but It Helps". Aired 9/26/72, with Elithe Aguiar as "First Girl". This one is great, with the presence of William Shatner triggering a worlds collide moment, considering that Jack Lord was Gene Roddenberry's first choice for the original role of Captain Kirk. We all know how that ended up!

A blackmail ring is using Hawaiian girls (like our "First Girl" below) to prey on well-heeled tourists. Here she has found her mark by the pool area of his hotel, undoubtedly the Ilikai.

A little poolside Mrs. Robinson maneuver

It's working

OK, that's it for "First Girl". The guy gets blackmailed, and we move on. So, the next few screencaps are admittedly offtopic, but I wager they have enough entertainment value to include here. Partly because the next target is William Shatner, playing a private eye who has come for the express purpose of rooting out the same blackmailers. Sure enough, soon after taking position by the pool, both he and the viewer simultaneously become aware of the girl (Sharlene Silva as "Second Girl") who's been assigned to him, thanks to a neat sunglasses reflection camera angle.

He is extremely willing to help her with sunscreen

Turns out he even gets two girls. Lots of good stuff for any Five-O or Shatner fan in this one. However, McGarrett and Shatner's character only meet at the very end, and are never in the same frame together. Hope you enjoyed this intersection of Miss Kauai and Five-O!