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Post #608804 by Otto on Sun, Oct 2, 2011 8:13 PM

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Otto posted on Sun, Oct 2, 2011 8:13 PM

Name:Bali Hai, Sunnyvale, CA
Street:1158 Saratoga

While visiting Vanessa and Johnny i spotted the Bali Hai apartments (Nearby is a neighborhood of Eichler homes mostly in their original state)
Although this place seems well kept from the outside and has fresh paint, it is no doubt going down fast. When I walked through late on a sunny Sunday morning there was no one in the pool, or even walking around the grounds even though there were obviously lots of kids, Each unit had a few cheap bikes chained up in front. Babies were crying. Cigarette butts were strewn by the pool.

I noticed a cool walkway through bushes and palm trees and it led to a small bridge and waterfall, I then realized it was a filled in waterway that led from the front of the apt all the way back to the pool.

And the Sunnyvale Bali Hai reminded me of another local Exotica dingbat apartment near sister Sonia's house
Bali High in Oakland

(its not really pink, its gray but I tried to add contrast so you could read the lettering)

Not named so because of the state if it's current residents but because it is located on High Street
I've wanted to post this for years but thought it didn't warrant its own listing because it is so dismal but it works well as an added part of this listing and a fine lettering addition to the Bali Hai canon (look at that "G" in HIGH!?!)

2619 High Street, Oakland

and a Fifties style Island Market corner store is two blocks away. Don't stop at the market but look at its cool but small neon sign

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