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Post #614273 by Phillip Roberts on Wed, Nov 16, 2011 8:39 PM

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Even though the Waikiki Tiki: Art, History and Photographs is out and doing quite well, there is always more research to be done...

I was looking over some old files in my hard drive and while they weren't the quality I was looking for to use in my project, (These come from scans of a Paradise of the Pacific Magazine from the 1950's.) They are of some historical importance...

To catch you up in case you haven't got a copy of Waikiki Tiki yet (Or "Sipping Safari" -Beachbum Berry's awesome book) Island wood Carver Edward M. Brownlee, is best known for his work at the Canlis' Charcoal Broiler, Waikikian Hotel / Tahitian Lanai as well as the International Market Place and the Aku Aku in Las Vegas. But there's another place from that era I'd somehow overlooked... The Matson Navigation Ticket office in Waikiki!

Matson Navigation back in the day was sailing the Lurline and other ships to the islands, but they also built and owned Hotels like the Royal Hawaiian (1882). During World War II, their luxury liners were conscripted as troop carriers and the Royal pressed in to service as a Navy recreational property. After the War, business got somewhat back to normal, but competition from Jet airplane service caused the company to rethink their plans. They sold their hotels and concentrated on shipping goods to the islands.

Check out the Mortlock Mask, and the Brownlee carving on the wall! Let's get a better look at that Lono.

Dang! Edward did some fine work, eh?

Mask? Well, not technically. (Masks are worn and have eyeholes. Bad writing in the caption! It's obviously a temple image.)

OK, one more and this one is pretty darn swell! Gracefull lines.

So anymore images, I'd like to see them. Dustycajun? Sven? Jeff? Sabu? Anyone? Thoughts?



Waikiki Tiki; Art, History, and Photographs.
Available now from Bess Press Hawaii.

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