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Music Downloads ('off topic', a bit)

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Heath posted on Mon, Sep 5, 2016 10:06 AM

On 2002-07-05 00:57, MrsCarnaby wrote:

...a collective TWO PEOPLE WORLDWIDE downloaded my upload of 'The Crystal Bus-Stop's' non-charting B-side 'Gotta Getta Girl' (1967) - one of whom 'aborted' half way, sending a message; 'This is crap'! Hee hee.)...

All best,
Amanda :)

[ Edited by: MrsCarnaby on 2002-07-05 01:37 ]

Yes I know this is an OLD thread...

I cannot seem to find any reference of "The Crystal Bus-Stop" anywhere and am curious if this is the song cited as performed by California Ramblers.

And, what pray tell was the A-side song?