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I think we all agree here guys.

BUT I have no phone and will never get one.
At times I hear the BS people are saying on the phones and I can get by without a phone.

The thing is I can't tell if it is a physical and or mental thing that makes people so clueless or a mindful FU to all people around them.

At OSU when I was working as a cook just to waste time after selling my restaurant the people that I worked with lets just say Marcs shoppers, well they would always talk about respect this and respect that but would give very few people around them any respect.

Then the professor types would talk about bulling and how we need to be mindful of all types of people BUT THEY WERE THE BIGGEST BULLIES OF ALL.
They would force people they did not like out of their jobs.

Such horrible people.

They need to study these types of behaviors and see what makes that tick.
Went to a fair in a farm type community last year and that was about the best behaved bunch of people ever, even the kids were not annoying a holes.

And the phone thing.
Just think of how much more gas is wasted world wide waiting for people at green lights not moving till they get done with their texts, or in the parking lot car running reading texts.

Do love Christmas as well though.
We just go to places with old timers that have the same views as we do mostly, and tonight at the Windward not one phone was out in the bar or dinning area.