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Post #796285 by tikiskip on Wed, Jul 17, 2019 4:16 AM

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One way to look at the mug value issue is to define what gives a mug it's value.

Rarity is one way a limited run of mugs in theory make them worth more.
This is why mug makers do limited runs.
BUT many times it's a limited run in red, then blue, and maybe an artists proof.
Kinda takes the "limited" part away.
Event mugs fall in this area as if you were not at the event you don't get one.

History a mug from a tiki joint that is long gone and maybe even was open a short time this can make those mugs truly limited and hard to find.
Plus it's a link to old tiki bars and restaurants.

Style a great design can make a mug worth more.
Shag mugs fall under this spot plus he is a well known artist.

Disney or cross collectables, Disney has lots o fans so stuff sells high.
People collecting a Disney tiki mug may not even like the tiki aspect of that item.

This is what I can't understand about some of the mugs that do sell high on eBay these days as they don't fall into these categories.
I know it is a bit subjective, and eye of the beholder stuff.

Some Kahiki mugs and the prices they bring is just weird, Hoffman used to be the ones that sold high now not so much this just does not make sense.

But hey if the old stuff is what you like keep looking as they might just be selling at a low price these days.

Wonder how much Bennie babies, Cabbage Patch dolls or tickle me Elmo's are worth these days.