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Tiki Central / Tiki Drinks and Food / Recipe: Modern Pearl Diver Mix/Spiced Butter Syrup

Post #796764 by PalmtreePat on Sun, Aug 11, 2019 4:09 PM

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On my last visit to the Tiki Ti I noticed that the Puka Punch is now being mixed according to a new recipe. There's no 151 float and the rum blend is gold PR rum, Mt Gay, and Myer's. More interestingly though, is that I heard Mike say that there's a "butter mix" in there. I did see two syrups go into it, one of which was the gold passionfruit (JE fassionola gold), so I guess we can assume that the butter mix is going where the straight honey mix used to? I need to buy that bottle of fassionola gold and start playing with it.