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"What's a good store bought grenadine"

November is pomegranate month, pomegranate makes grenadine, the BEST grenadine.
Store bought grenadine is made from cherry juice mostly.

Buy some pomegranates, get the ones that are large fat and heavy and deep red in color, seed them, put sugar on seeds, crush seeds to get the juice out, strain.
You can freeze this juice for over a year and it is still good.

We use it for cooking/baking mostly, Strawberry rhubarb pie.
Rhubarb grows in the summer so we need to freeze pomegranate juice till that time.

This juice gives a really rich fruit punch type flavor making anything cherry or strawberry taste like you just got lucky and found the perfect cherry or strawberries for your pie.

For a drink I put some vodka and pomegranate juice in a shaker with ice strain for a nice pink martini.

pomegranate juice will stain forever so take care when making it.

I just juiced eight of them, you get about one cup of juice per pomegranate.

Good luck!!