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Post #799537 by creativenative on Tue, Dec 24, 2019 7:53 PM

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Don't know where else to post this but here is what I collected recently. But before I show that, let me answer the question of slit drums. The drums are usually found throughout Melanesia. The slits are not only made to help hallow out logs but to cause a nice resonance when beating the drum. The slit adds a deep, full, and reverberating sound. Here are a couple pictures of the real things.

Back to the subject of Disney pins. I recently went to WDW and there one can not avoid seeing all kinds of Disney trader pins. My daughter collects them and I never wanted too but after awhile I could not help noticing pins of Polynesian influence, including tiki pins. I bought the current pins then had an idea, so when I got home I went to eBay. There I learned a lot. There are tons of Disney pins with a Polynesian influence. I just bought enough to finish my idea - pictured below.

I thought it came out good with the gold bamboo frame. I wanted to put the pins in chronological order of what they represent. For example when Disney films or Disney park attractions or hotels open something Polynesian. When I did a chart of the pins beforehand, I notice a distinct parallel between Disney history and Tiki history. See below:

#A "Hawaiian Holiday" (1937) -- Pre-Tiki
#B Tahitian Terrace (1962) -- Mid-century Tiki
#C Enchanted Tiki Room (1963) -- Mid-century Tiki
#D It's A Small World (1966) -- Mid-century Tiki
#E The Polynesian Resort (1971) -- Mid-century Tiki
#F "The Lion King" (1994) -- Early Tiki Revival
#G "Lilo & Stitch" (2002) -- Early Tiki Revival
#H "Finding Nemo" (2003) -- Early Tiki Revival
#I Aulani Resort (2011) -- Tiki Revival 2nd Generation
#J "Lava" (2014) -- Tiki Revival 2nd Generation
#K Traders Sam's (2015) -- Tiki Revival 2nd Generation
#L Polynesian Resort reopening (2015) -- Tiki Revival 2nd Generation
#M "Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation (2015) -- Tiki Revival 2nd Generation
#N "Moana" (2016) -- Tiki Revival 2nd Generation

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