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I think my theory on the two Tiki Tikis is probably accurate then. Honestly, I was not impressed with Shinjuku when I went in 2019.

I have been to Vic's when it has been dead, I have been to Vic's when it has been absolutely hopping. The thing is, discussion with the bartenders has revealed it all has to do with conventions and meetings in or around the New Otani. It is one of the most profitable Vic's in operation, because they have a captive audience.

But they have very, very few Tikiphiles. I am one of the few "regulars" who exist, they say. As I go every year on my birthday or on other special occasions. I usually drop $150-$200 bucks in a night. But they do usually make me something for my birthday which has no charge attached.

I took one of my coworkers (who is much bigger, I am only 115lbs), and I downed like three Mai Tais and two Fog Cutters in like an hour and wasn't even tipsy. He had like two Mai Tais and was swaying. He was shocked.

Tolerance I guess, because vodka or tequila? Two and I hit the floor.

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