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SWIZ - Mugs 'n' Stuff....they're ceramic but not mugs.

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Thank you Wendy, we've both been doing this for a while now. I really love the mug based on the rock. It's just very disheartening coming up with an idea/design that doesn't get much feedback even though you might love it.

Cheers Hamo. That was a lot of work but i'm very proud of it.

So over the TC 'break' i made this PNG style pendant. 7123456

Personally i really love it and decided to make a larger version as a wall hanging and/or something to frame. The following are what i've made so far and the first of the framed ones i've made. There's still another framed one to come (the other brown one) and a wall hanging that has to be fired again. .59505152535455565758

Next is technically woodworking.

EDIT: Forgot to post the pic of the framed one.

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