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Hello everyone, I am new to posting but had been a lurker on here for years back before the site closed (can’t remember login). Anyway I tend to collect Hawaii cookbooks. Here are a few of my favorite recipes along with ones I’ve yet to try. Anything that has written feedback on it, like excellent etc. is a favorite. The duck is also realllly good, if you like duck. Just make sure you don’t get a skinny duck like I did, or there won’t be much meat on it and you’ll be wishing you had more. Have several HI cookbooks and happy to search for something if anyone’s looking for a specific recipe. D480FEFE-BE48-475A-B4FE-CB7DE7A6ED7F4EB45CC2-F14F-4D48-AA0A-65D9854CD4472E7B4B26-C926-4C0C-BE2B-71CAB70CD55077F866F5-9E9C-4510-99F8-EF7397F4562AB41920A9-9DAC-4D13-AB77-7667DE7CB7AC A884956A-320A-4A8A-B08B-A68ED8FAF29EBD15B5C5-AB68-4FEE-90D1-F0EBBD848323

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