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Post #804487 by atomictonytiki on Mon, Jul 11, 2022 5:02 AM

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Who are BP Malta?

So last Monday my sister-in-law, who is a professor of zoology, had a terrible last week at work and as a result procrastinated by turning her considerable research abilities, to my question of who were BP MALTA.

When I'm searching for tiki mugs I'd naturally use that as a starting point for my research, I'd look for the possible bar or menus but the professor likes a nice piece of handmade studio pottery, so she went searching on vintage pottery websites for Bristow.

Many hits and much confusion, Bristow Pottery in Isle of Wight, Malta, Florida and two names Tony and Andrew.

Tony Bristow worked at Bonchurch Pottery, a village located just East of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight from 1961-1967. Tony’s son, Andrew, started at Bonchurch Pottery, in 1974, using different self taught styles from his father, although some early work by Andrew does resemble his father’s style, Bonchurch Pottery is still producing today.

Bristow Pottery Malta, opened in the late sixties we think, after Tony spent his winters there producing, and was taken over by Adrian and Mark Grima in 1972, with the pottery still going very strong now. A number of pieces output from this location were marked to the base both MALTA alongside BP

For Bristow Pottery (Tony) locations:

Bonchurch from 1961-1967 Shanklin 1966-1972 Malta 1968-1970 (during the winters I believe) Palm Beach 1972-1974 Chillington 1974-2003 (As far as I know)

Andrew started in Bonchurch in 1974

Where were these mugs made for?

It's the Shanklin location that got my heart racing, are these Maltese Tiki Mugs made for the Shanklin Beachcomber? Have we found lost Britiki mugs?

Are there other Maltese Tiki Mugs?

Maori Lidded Pot, Tony Bristow, Bristow Potteries Malta


While searching we spotted this Lidded pot marked BP Malta, the person who took the pictures was holding it to show of the spirals and marks but with my heart thumping I could see the eyes and face on the bowl.

The blue pot was posted several years ago, I hope the person bought it. A quick check on eBay and we found this grey version and we quickly bought it.


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