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Winold Reiss and the Congo Room— A Tiki Bar before they were called that

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BB485E31-3E41-44F6-A0BB-05346F2D0BC9This is described as a lamp shade, but we know what it really is. Can anyone go to Washington DC and get us the better resolution pictures? Honestly, I know these blowups of a screenshot are bad quality. Sorry.)

Oh, anyway off of eBay is this 1923 postcard. It seems to be looking a different angle. It’s yellowed and faded. I’m sure it could be enhanced up. (I don’t have photoshop right now.) It shows there are a great many of the Reiss Marquesas styled chairs both black and white versions and 3 lamps.

I like the nickname of the ‘African Roof’ room but another hinder in searches.


Ok back to the Library of congress search for the Alamac Hotel. Many pictures in Public Domain but very small thumbnails on line



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