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A Moment of Tiki (Episode 45: Tapa light build)

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Have seen your You Tube shows before but have not seen them in some time, but this how too was great!

Would have done a few things differently but saw no mistakes.

But then mistakes are what it is all about if you are not making mistakes you are not trying hard enough are you.

Have spent hours doing something and thought it was not going to work only to find out I was right it did not work.

But then you learn not to do that again.

Only to do the same thing next week pound head on wall saying I knew better than that.

When you make a light think, what is the thing that is weakest and try to not have that weak thing in my light.

Then think how they are going to change the light bulb and how can that be done easy as it can be, at times that can be a hard one.

What ways can you make your light so it will be strong and last a very long time, we want it to be around forever.

Keep up the good work!